Hello, my name is David Matthew Walsh.  I was born in Melbourne on 25th August 1969. I lived in the outer Eastern suburbs in Ringwood with my mother, father, older brother and younger sister until I was 24.

I went to the local Primary and High Schools (receiving honours in Years 7 and 11) and finished my schooling at the end of Year 11.  I went on then, into an apprenticeship in carpentry and joinery and have continued this to this day in many of the varied areas of construction.

I became a fan of travel after first going around Australia in Volkswagen Kombi van. From then, I’ve travelled to 26 or so countries around the world and another lap around Australia again.  In that time, I’ve lived for a year in Canada and lived in various states of Australia, and I’m now currently living in Queensland.

I’ve always been quite physically active not only as my work has required it, but in leisure pursuits too, mainly football, running, cycling, weights training, yoga and a tri-Athlon.

I was brought up in a Catholic family.  However, even though I went through all the ceremonial things, I never really liked church.  Just wanted to get to the stage where I could get to eat one of those wafer things!  Jesus was ok, but God was made out to be pretty unpredictable.  So eventually when I was old enough to stay at home by myself, I didn’t have to go anymore.

To fast forward, and ten years or so back from now, I was actively looking for answers to many questions that I had about life since as far back as I can remember.  Like, what happens after you die?  What is Love really, if sometimes it feels good and sometimes it seems to hurt?  Why does emotional pain last so long yet physical pain seems to mend quicker?  How does life work?  What is the point of it, there must be a reason?  Why do we live for such a short time in the millions of years that have existed? Why was I so scared of dying, to the point I would have panic attacks to even contemplate it for too long?  I wanted to live forever, I wanted to evade the inevitable event of death!

My casual investigations over time started with the New Age kind of beliefs, but while interesting, didn’t hold much credence for me.  Eventually though, my want for the truth to my questions that seemed important to me, led me to the Divine Truth that John Kreppold (Apostle John) was teaching.  (I was living in Mandurah, Western Australia at the time, as was he.)  While so much of what he was presenting resonated with me so easily, I had no idea that I would find out an even greater discovery about myself, about my own true identity and reason for being on Earth.

That discovery was of my soul identity that God created, and not simply my physical identity which I’ve believed for most of my life because others have told me that that’s who I am; was not a match for many feelings that I have discovered, that have been prompting me to remember, for most of my life.

While it was a shock and hard to fathom, yet a part of me was not surprised also. A strangely settling feeling, yet still much fears about what all this is going to mean.

As I’ve allowed, rather than denied the emotional experiences to be felt, it has allowed some of my memories to come also.  The memories also come emotionally.  It’s has been quite difficult to grapple with from a psychological, and intellectual perspective and still is for me.  And have found the only way is from an emotional standpoint, yet due to many fears I have inside of me still, that has also not been easy.


My name is Cornelius.  Or at least it is a name that I was given over 2000 years ago.  And it’s a name that many in the spirit realms have known me by in that time, and now.  I have progressed from some of the darkest hells (a location suited to the life that I led while on Earth) to the highest of the progressive Celestial spheres of Love in the Universe, as far as we know, to a condition that the Laws of God allowed a return to Earth, over those 2000 years.   And the only reason a group of us choose to come back to Earth, can only be for one reason.  Our Love for mankind!  And to share in the gift of God’s Truth to others, so that others will also be able to partake in the overwhelming gift that God’s Love brings, should they choose, for their opportunity for eternal happiness as we have found.


However, since my discovery I have wanted to stay under the radar for all of these years to a large degree.  All of my life I’ve had a feeling to just blend in, in fact I felt it to be paramount and would have been quite content to live my life out this way.  So it is quite the challenge to expose who I am, and share myself with you, and for you to know that it is not just (AJ) Jesus and Mary  who have come back to assist all who would accept it here on Earth, but myself as a part of 14 individuals who have the same objectives.

When in times I am more open to feeling who I truly am, I feel a strong sense that I have so much to give to so many people here on Earth, and I don’t want to keep that locked away anymore.  Yet there is so much more in myself to unlock, so that I will be able to pass on more of what I have to give to you.

I have a great Love and compassion for all people, both in the physical form and the spirit form and would like to share in the truths of the incredible healing power of God’s Love from my own personal experience.   This is a part of the reason why I, and the others choose to come back and to demonstrate it to you.

To share with you, The Way.


With all my Love