Thank-you very much for the generosity of your donation.
I’d like to thank  Jesus and Mary at Divine Truth for generously hosting me on their donation page also.

Below are various methods by which you can make a donation.




PayPal Method:

For a simple PayPal donation please use this method: PayPal Me

For a recurring PayPal donation please use this method:    btn_donatecc_lg


Direct Bank Transfer Method:

If you would like to make a direct deposit into my bank account from yours, you will need these details.

My name: David Walsh
My bank: Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA)
BIC/Swift Code (for donations from outside of Australia): CTBAAU2S
Bank BSB#: 063009
Account #: 10030043
Bank Address: 221 William St. Melbourne, Victoria, 3000.

For donations made outside of Australia, you may also need the following information:
Recipients first name: David
Recipients last name: Walsh
Recipients address: 103 O’Dea Rd.
Recipients City: Kingaroy
Recipients State: Queensland
Recipients post code: 4610
Recipients email address:
IBAN Number: 06300910030043 (if required)


TransferWise Method:

For overseas donations, this method is the most economical way to donate.
Use TransferWise:   $20   $50   $100   $300   $500



In the spirit of openness and transparency, I’d like to provide my end of year financial statements from the Australian Taxation Commission, which includes a mix of income that I procure from building and construction work and from donations.
The financial year in Australian is from 1st July – 3oth June.

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