MENTAL ILLNESS – An alternative view, (Part 5)

Welcome to the final part of this 5-Part series which examines a brief investigation into an alternative view of Mental Illness issues.

To assess a situation correctly you need all the facts.
As any mathematician will attest; you can’t solve a mathematical equation with part of the formula missing!
There will be no satisfactory result or further advancement of the original problem.
In regards to the Mental Illness equation, part of the formula (the bigger picture of life) is missing.
Therefore, no satisfactory solutions have been the result.

Billions of dollars are spent on Mental Health each year, and “no known cause” continues to be the common statement behind each mental illness issue.
It makes logical sense to experiment with an alternative way, when the current way lacks results of a full recovery.

The predominant aim throughout this series on Mental Illness, has been to present an exercise in discovering the CAUSE of a problem.
To examine a problem by involving how God’s Loving Laws work, rather than what the world commonly does; —  focusing on studying the EFFECTS of a problem, then try to remove/manage the effects, to make the problem “appear” as if it has been solved.
Nothing will ever change or move forward in a sustainable and positive way unless the CAUSE within a person is discovered by addressing issues emotionally.

Unfortunately, due to a LACK of faith in God’s Loving Laws, we choose to make the Medical Industry in conjunction with Pharmaceutical Industry the savior of our discomfort and pain.
The current solution to Mental Health ends at a bottleneck with these industries for people suffering from Mental Illnesses, rather than independence from them, and a regained life.

Personal responsibility (a quality of Love), requires us to search for the truth and examine how we could be a part of the problem and also how we could rectify the problem by discovering the full truth — God’s Truth on issues —  and then taking loving actions.

With a sincere heartfelt desire to want to find the Truth, God’s Laws of Love are geared to guide you to sources of Truth.
God wants you to find the Truth, because he knows the benefit to your happiness it will bring.

Let’s look at an ultra-brief summary of what was presented in this series to demonstrate Cause & Effect.

Problem: Mental Illnesses causing an imposition on a normal healthy functioning life.
Mental Illness > an Effect
Spirit influence > an Effect
Emotional Illness  > an Effect
Current pain and suffering > an Effect
Frozen, stuck, unexpressed, unfelt, unhealed childhood pain and suffering  > Cause
Solution: Reconnect emotionally with feelings/emotional beliefs/experiences, during childhood.
Because many emotions were experienced before any intellectual development had occurred, to remove them they must come out in the same way as they went in — emotionally.


The aim for the future would be to have teams of people who have a heartfelt desire to help others with no reward. Who are also sincerely developing in God’s Love in their own lives, therefore qualified to assist others in the same way.
Additionally, to work with teams of people who have developed mediumistic abilities also in line with God’s Loving Laws that have a heartfelt desire to help others with no reward.
No reward means, not being motivated by a monetary or emotional kickback for what you profess to love to do.
In God’s Loving Laws, an action taken with a heartfelt feeling of loving others will always have rewards, just not conventionally what you may think that may be.
Often far more than you could ever imagine!

An excellent starting point would be to work in Mental Institutions to help those that are the worse affected with Mental Illness issues.
Those whose lives are being tormented to the point they can no longer live a life in general society.
To work with the Spirit as an individual identity, whilst working in unison with the affected person as an individual identity.
Aiming to discover the emotional blockage in the person that is the point of connection for the Spirit interference.

It is important to foster a loving intention for both the person and the Spirit in this healing process. 

Data has already been collected on the patients in Mental Institutions over decades with current treatment methods, so part of the work is already done.
A ground zero exists to work from.
It will be relatively easy from here to compare an alternative method of treatment, gauge the results, and determine what the facts are in regards to Mental Illnesses.
Keep in mind that if a “way” is truly God’s Way of healing, then the results will be permanent and effective solutions, not hit and miss

Because you are working with people, results rely largely on the individuals to desire the help — how they choose to use their Free-Will.
Some people that suffer from Mental Illnesses are in a co-dependent relationship (in an addiction) with the Spirit.
The person wants to avoid themselves and their hurt and allows the Spirit to have some control over them as a barter, so they are both getting what they want from the interaction.
A very dangerous game to play.

Of the Billions of dollars currently spent on Mental Illness research, if only a portion of these funds could be directed into experimenting with God’s Way of healing (no harmful methods), major in-roads could be made quite rapidly into treatment of Mental Illnesses.

Eventually, over time, there would become no such thing as Mental Illness.


Below is a list of some practical tips that may assist anyone that may be suffering from a Mental Illness or anyone in general.

  1. Become educated. Get a truthful education about God – which will be a Loving God.
    The only truthful education that I have come across on Earth today is : DIVINE TRUTH
    Some specific resource links can be found at the bottom of this article. 
  2. Discover about God’s Loving Laws, for example, the Law of Repentance, Law of Forgiveness, Law of Compensation, Law of Attraction, Law of Rapport & Communication, Law of Cause & Effect, etc.
  3. Discover qualities about God’s true personality via what God has created.
    For instance: the environmental systems and all their beauty, the human body systems including life-bearing capacities, the solar system, the wonders of chemistry, the human soul.
    Feel the loving intention behind the creations.
  4. Become educated about spirit existence.
    Discovering the truth about spirit existence helps to remove the cloak of invisibility that darker spirits work under to engage in harmful interference in people’s lives.
    The Spirit World is also your future destination.
    It makes sense to learn about how it all works before you get there.
  5. Listen to mediumship that focuses on helping the Spirits in the Spirit World environment.
    It will help with the realization that Spirits are just people with the same issues that they had on earth, and that you may also be experiencing right now.
  6. Discover what it is that you feel about all subjects – in particular personal relationships.
    What’s truly in your heart? Your feelings. Not what you’ve been told or led to believe.
    Question what you currently believe and discover the reason why you believe it.
  7. Discover the feelings that you had in your living environment when in childhood.
    The feeling that you had about the others. About yourself?
    About your parents? About God?
    About your siblings and other extended family?
    Your fears? What you liked? What you didn’t like?
    What you aspired to be when you grew up? Who you looked up to?
    What things made you feel safe? What things made you feel scared?
    How did the world as you understood it, feel to you?
    How far back can you remember?
    Use photos to see yourself and try to feel how you felt about yourself, about others, and what your world felt like at that time of life.
    This is an area of development that needs a lot of attention. This is where the CAUSES originated from that have caused false beliefs about love, about your true self, about a Loving God and therefore choices and decisions based upon those erroneous beliefs that create more pain/sadness/suffering as life goes on.
  8. Discover your emotional beliefs/excuses that prevent you from allowing yourself to feel.
    The reasons/excuses why you shouldn’t have to feel your fears, sadness, pain.
  9. Discover the method (emotional addictions) that you use to avoid fear/pain/sadness.
    These are how you “escape” from feelings that you find difficult.
    This is where the essential work begins to affect change. The purpose of the addiction is to try and avoid pain — and in the process ironically causes additional pain.
    To feel anything, you will need to stop taking the action that the addiction dictates.
    Actions that you feel compelled to run away from the feelings, that you find difficult/uncomfortable as they are coming up.
    Allow the emotional discomfort to arise to discover what is really bothering you. This is impossible to work out with your head.
    Your emotions will lead you to the truth of it — the CAUSE — if you allow them.
    Be patient with yourself. This will take time.
  10. When the Mental Illness effect kicks in, take note of what was the emotional feeling that just came up in your life that you wanted to avoid.
    This will be an indicator of what feeling needs to be emotionally addressed — to heal — to prevent the effects from happening.
  11. Stay well hydrated with good quality water. 
    This assists in physio-spiritual connection with your Spirit Guide/Guardian to connect and help you if you are open to that help.
  12. Connect with your body and spend time in what God created – nature.
    Try walking, jogging, riding, skating, swimming, paddling, hiking, camping etc.
    Notice how you feel during and after it.
  13. Try and remember your dreams.
    When your physical body rests upon sleeping, your Spirit Body which is not constrained by physical needs, spends time in the Spirit World.
    In the Spirit World, experiences that you have will be a reflection of your true condition/development/feelings, as opposed to whatever you would like to believe they are in your awake state.
    Write down your dreams to get an indication of what is going on for you that you don’t want to see in your awake state.
    Write, rather than just remember. I found that more memories of the dreams come out as you connect with your physical body by writing.  Focus on how you felt in the dreams. Always focus on the feelings.
    Even go back through what you have written and underline them. They are important.
  14. Allow your emotions to flow.
    Be like a scientist, gauge the results. How do you feel afterwards?
    Does it feel better hanging on to pain or connecting emotionally and experiencing the pain?  Allow experiences to build upon your faith in the process, by doing it again and gauging how you feel.
    Do you feel more connected to yourself after the experience?
  15. As you get used to connecting more emotionally, you can distinguish between what your feelings are and what the feelings are that are coming at you from others (Spirit or Physical Person).
    You will know what’s going on.
    This is a place of power and control over your own life.
    It’s a very safe place.
  16. By working through a specific emotional issue and the CAUSE has been dealt with by the emotional process, you will feel different. You will make different and more loving choices.
    No one will be able to manipulate you by that emotional injury anymore because your feelings have changed.
    Spirit influence can no longer occur anymore on that issue because the emotional dis-ease that was the common denominator, or the link that allowed the spirit attraction, has now gone.
  17. After working through issues that allow Mental Illnesses, you can go on to help others. Because you have experienced the process and are the living results of God’s Loving Laws in action on how to change in regards to an issue, you can share with other how you did it, on the same issue.
    Exampling, Cause & Effect.
  18. As people with Mental Illness issues work in harmony with God’s Loving methods of healing, data can then be gathered by discovery of what specific emotions are related to specific Mental Illnesses.
    Finding out about the unhealed emotional link, as the common denominator.
    It will make it easier to identify for other sufferers in future cases.
  19. A person with Mediumistic abilities that is unaware of them can now become educated in the Laws in regards to these abilities.
    With truthful education, they can also develop these abilities to help others — such as working with persons suffering from Mental Illnesses and identifying the offending Spirit whilst discovering more about deeper factual information about the abuse that is happening.
    Additionally, help can also be given to the Spirit on the issues, if willing.

Woking though emotional repression is going to take time. You will need to be patient with yourself.
The repression exists because of a choice to shut down emotionally from specific life experiences that were often too unsafe to feel at the time or you didn’t feel you could handle at the time.
For decades, you will have been using methods to avoid ever having to feel those hurts, sadness, fear, or terrors.
It is going to take time to unravel/discover emotionally, when it was that you shut down, what choice you made at the time in response to the event, and what methods you use continually use distract yourself from remembering.
It’s hard to know where to start sometimes when you are numb.
Point #7 above about getting photo’s of yourself and feeling what life was like for you, is a helpful start.

Getting educated about how life works from God’s design is essential. has a wealth of information on a range of life examples to help with this. This is also a great starting point.
Try the “Secrets of the Universe” talk as in the suggested links in Part 1.
Simultaneously, re-acquaint yourself to help identify your feelings with a feeling list. (Google: feelings list for adults)
To use it during your day to check in and identify with what it might be that you are currently feeling to help you to become in tune with yourself.
The bulk of the work is going to be discovering your own personal reasons for shutting down and discovering the methods that you use, stopping them, and surrendering to whatever comes up emotionally.

You can’t force yourself to feel!
Especially when there is an opposing feeling currently inside of you that is defiantly saying that you don’t want to feel. Not even God can make you feel! God can’t oppose the gift of Free-will that he gave you.
A fear exists about what is going to happen if you do feel. A fear that is based from the time that you shut down – which is often from childhood events. Discovery of what you believe will happen needs to be investigated. These emotional beliefs/fears/reasons prevent a natural flow to occur.

Persistence is the key.
Keep plugging away with the personal investigation into your life and where it got lost/shut down.


Just before closing this series, I have yet to mention one effect that Mental Illnesses can often lead to, which is Suicide
Suicide is a state of frustration (anger) about the specific emotional pain that a person doesn’t want to deal with or it feels impossible to ever be resolved, and a belief exists that death is a way out of it.
However, it is not!
In the Spirit World, the person takes with them the same feelings that they had on Earth — including the same pain.  
Additionally, they have also committed the act of murder – of themselves, which has its compensation to pay for.
And eventually, the additional pain of regret of the impulsive action to suicide, also creeps in.
Suicide is not an escape from emotional pain. It just adds to it.
This now leads to a personal example.

In my mid-late 20’s I was living on the other side of the country (Western Australia) and everything was going alright in life. I was enjoying learning new things in the work that I was doing.  I had also met a girl who I started a relationship with.
I had only planned to be there for about a year, and then I moved back to Melbourne (where I was from). My partner also came with me.

I was always open, friendly, chatty and an emotional kind of guy, but I had progressively shut down after being back in Melbourne for about 6 months. I hadn’t noticed it as much as my girlfriend had, who later I discovered, went around asking friends who had known me for a long time, “had they noticed it too, or was I always like that?”
I eventually realised how dead I felt inside. I just couldn’t seem to feel anymore. 
I tried to imagine those close to me being killed in a car accident to see what my reaction to that was, and I had nothing.

This wasn’t good. This wasn’t me. I didn’t know why I had become like that. I was concerned and realised I needed some help.
I love God’s Laws (in retrospect), how by choosing to love myself by getting help, the perfect opportunity came up with a person who was doing an unconventional type of therapy that worked really well for me.
It was called Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music (GIM), which respects the emotional process of healing.
My initial chat with the lady facilitating was about a lingering loss feeling from a relationship I had 10 years previous. I had an open heart in that relationship and liked that feeling in me. When it ended, I was accepting but without ever knowing the real reason why it had ended.

There was a deep loss feeling that I couldn’t figure out.
It didn’t seem to relate to the specific loss of the girl, or the relationship so much.
The loss feeling was more about the loss of love feeling that came from inside of me.
I recall having difficulty trying to explain the feeling to the facilitator. All that I could come up with was that it felt like my feelings had been raped.
(not by the relationship – just a general feeling of a part of me that had been lost, taken, stolen removed; I didn’t quite know what)
I didn’t even really know what all that meant!
Like I had lost some core part of me that is ME, but I could no longer seem to find it, perhaps.

The actual Guided Imagery and Music therapy method that I engaged, consisted of a quick chat about any current issue/feelings, then the facilitator would use a specific piece of classical music to suit the emotional state. I would be lying down, and the music would take me to wherever I needed to go.

The facilitator would ask what was happening for me, and I would express by speaking of the experiences.
Similarly, to imagery when you are in a dream, except that you are awake but your eyes are closed and cognitive of where you are and your body, of questions being asked and what you are doing and any noises from the outside world.
Many things came up for me that I didn’t even know that I had been holding onto emotionally, but not the issue that was bugging me.

With my life at the time, I didn’t feel romantically connected in my heart to the girl I was with. I felt that perhaps I was ignoring that lack of heart feeling which could have been the catalyst for me shutting down. Trying to force myself to love someone, when it was just not there like that.
So, I ended the relationship and we parted ways.

About 6 months had gone by (still doing the therapy) and I didn’t feel so dead inside but I still felt at a loss for that deeper feeling that seemed to haunt me.
I was coming home from work one afternoon, and while sitting at traffic lights I was feeling the hopelessness of that lingering empty deeper feeling. Along with that, I had a feeling that there was no point in being here.
I felt a bit sad about that, but knew what I was going to do when I got home – I choose to check out of existence.
(won’t mention the intended method of that decision, as to not give anyone ideas)

Strangely enough, when I arrived home, I had enough care for others that would find my body and decided to have a shower and get into clean clothes, because I was quite dirty from work.
While I was standing in the shower, I had a core feeling revisit me – of how I had always been so terrified of death to the point of having panic attacks about death and not knowing if there is anything else beyond, and that I respected life as being important for the short time in all of history that it lasts for – but now I was willing to snuff it out.
This made me so sad remembering what my true feelings were about life, that I start crying, and crying and crying.
I ended up on the shower floor curled up and crying until the hot water ran out.
I went to bed and cried and cried and eventually must have fallen to sleep.

The next morning when I woke, I felt fresh.
I didn’t at all feel sad, I feel quite buoyant.
I began having thoughts about my life and what I wanted. What did I even like?
Getting dressed, I didn’t even know if I liked my clothes.

I decided to go to the local shopping mall (one of the largest in Melbourne) to go and look at clothes and see what I really liked.
When I entered the complex I saw something that was quite strange.
The people that were walking around in the shopping mall, seemed to be walking around almost dead inside, like animated zombies. This felt quite bizarre to be observing.
I figured that this is what the world is like for the average person, and I assumed that the only reason that I could see this is because of the contrast of letting out a pile of pent up sadness.
Now, I was open to seeing the effects of that emotional shutdown in others.

That same day, a Saturday, was the prime day for jobs advertised in the paper (old school advertising). It took me nearly 2 hours to go though all the different jobs, stopping at each one, just to see what my feelings were about them.
To check in and see if I was missing something that I might like better.
After all that, I confirmed that I was really happy about doing what I was already doing – building.

At work in the following weeks, I was more direct with people but still in a pleasant but confident way. I just felt surer in myself, more confident in my feelings.
It was spring and for some reason, I was very attracted to flowers by the intensely vivid colors in them. I loved observing them in their natural living state but just had to pick some and bring them home just for their sheer beauty, incredible colors and intoxicating aroma.

Even going out with friends to nightclubs, I had always been so self-conscious about dancing and being judged. But now discovered that I had less interest in my self-consciousness and judgements, and more in my enjoyment of just dancing, which I thoroughly enjoyed for the first time.

Me in a bear suit for a day – something I would not normally have done – doing promotional work for a friends business in a large shopping complex .

There are plenty experiences that I could relay however, the bottom line is here is that if I hadn’t allowed myself the full expression of my sadness, I would not be here writing this today – you would have to channel me instead!

I came to the understanding — after becoming educated about the Spirit existence intermingling with the physical life — that the feelings I experienced at the traffic lights in the example above, were a choice in me of not wanting to feel the hopelessness I felt about the sadness in me, and I was sick of it.  
This made it was easy for a Spirit to drop a thought into my head and for me to go and take on the suggestion, as if it would be a relief from the feeling.
The nasty Spirit was motivated by obtaining a feeling of power by abusing my stuck sadness and manipulating the injury to the point of my Earthly extinction.
It was only due to the moment of remembering MY true feelings about the value of life, in contrast to what I was going to do, that I was able to connect to the sadness that was inside of me.
I had no energy to fight the feelings anymore, instead surrendered to how sad I felt.
I’m quite suspicious that my Guardian prompted that reminder to me, on reflection.

Returning to Melbourne — which was the place where my original sadness memory resided – I feel was the trigger that caused me to shut down to the unresolved painful feelings.
I chose to try and ignore all of the sadness until I could not feel much at all, which was essentially losing ME.
Additionally, I found out years after that my mother had been going to a therapist not long after I came back to Melbourne about her own sadness.
Often when a parent chooses to deal with their emotional injuries, it brings up the same thing within the children at the same time. This could also have been a contributing trigger factor.

Even though I felt so much better, I kept going to the therapy.
Not because I felt like I needed to go, but because I enjoyed going to see what else I could find out about me.
The deeper loss feeling that I couldn’t get in touch with at that time was something that I would find out about as I continued seeking more truth about myself and about how life works, some 10 years later. 
That is still a work in progress.
But the WAY has been paved.

As a benefit to an education about more than just the physical, about 5 years ago I had been stuck on an emotional issue for quite some time that was getting me down.
The issue was in my thoughts at the time and at that moment I heard a voice that said “you might as well kill yourself then”.
I just laughed, because I knew it wasn’t from me. It wasn’t my feelings.
My own feelings were that suicide is not an option or a solution.
It was distinctly obvious that it was from a Spirit.

Knowing what is going on is an empowering position.
The comment from the nasty Spirit let me know that I needed to spend more time on resolving that issue, because I will be manipulated by it if left unchecked.
A negative can become a positive when you are educated about the bigger picture of life.


I hope that the personal example above may help to illustrate the point that the only way to deal with pain/suffering/sadness is to fully emotionally feel it.
That it protects from manipulation.
That it enhances your awareness and you will know what is really going on in life situations.
That it provides freedom because you will get to know the real you and what you truly want.
That you get to experience happiness in the things that you do.
This is the way that God designed us; to be able to heal ourselves.

I hope that this series has been helpful.


Below are some further resources that may be of assistance.


  • Book of Truths by James E Padgett
  • Though the Mists, The Life Elysian, The Gate of Heaven by Robert James Lees
  • Thirty Years Among the Dead by Carl Wickland
  • A Wanderer in the Spirit Lands by Franchezzo
  • Judas Messages by Hans Radix

PRESENTATIONS – (from Divine Truth website)

MEDIUMSHIP – (from Divine Truth website)


  • The Beaver — Addiction with a Spirit leading to over-cloaking and institutionalization.
  • What Dreams May Come — Man searching for his wife, in the Spirit World
  • The Five People You Meet in Heaven — Man reflecting on his life, in the Spirit World

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