The Crucifix, the Rabbit and the Egg

Easter… comes around again.

For some, it’s the one of those two times a year that is seems obligatory to go to Church in order to maintain the Christian status and supposedly keep in God’s favor.
For the Chocolate manufacturers, it’s the time of year where the mega profits can be made with the price per gram of chocolate at an absurd high.
For others it is the joy of another holiday…YAY!

How did it start?
What is it really about?
How did Jesus’ exciting new discovery for mankind that man lives on after the body dies – morph into symbolizing a crucifix of death.
How did a man (Jesus) who developed a personal relationship with God to the point of receiving so much Love from God that he became Godlike in essence –  morph into an Easter Bunny being the entity of focus on the event? (It would make more sense to create the Easter Chicken to tie in with the egg thing).
How did crucial eternal life-giving information that nourishes a person’s soul – morph into excitement to have the taste buds tantalized but for a moment, in the form of an egg shaped chocolate?


Growing up as a Christian (Catholic) up until my teenage years I didn’t pay much attention in church, and in general found it to be repetitive year in year out (I don’t think I was alone that feeling).
Nothing seemed to change.
The church that we attended was new, modern and unique as far as churches go. It had large clear class windows around three sides. My boredom had me looking out of the windows most of the time.
I saw more of God’s workings out of the windows of the church. I observed that the trees, shrubs and other vegetation outside the windows grew broader and taller and go through the seasons of change over the years that I was attending church. That different bird life would be attracted to the trees as the seasons changed. That I myself had progressed intellectually at school over the years and my body had changed.
However, all of those years at church with the same ceremonies, same rituals, same stand up, sit down routines, and repeated year after year, seemed to be devoid of growth that I observed elsewhere.

The only time my interest was piqued, was at specific readings (they were the only thing that changed each week) where I could try and see if I could connect to the point that was being made about love, or kindness, or truth and compare my own thoughts or actions against the same as a yardstick of where I was at.

They spoke of Jesus quite kindly; he seemed like a good guy.  But they spoke of God in a good light sometimes and then other times as if he was a tyrant and wanted blood.
I would sometimes compare my own Father’s character against what they would say God was like, and even my Father wouldn’t do some of the things that God would do!
It doesn’t leave any room to aspire to something higher and greater when the “authorities on God” are describing Gods’ character as no better than mans.

School was my only comparison that I had to Church. School was a place of learning and advancing each year. A place where we were given information, got to interact with it, were able to ask questions and given examples and tests to see if we understood the information as was presented.

Church was different. You couldn’t put your hand up to ask a question for fear of being chastised, and possibly extracted if you persisted.
There was no method to gauge if you were understanding what was being presented.
You were talked at, rather than taught.

It just didn’t work for me.
I could see how from my own experience that people eventually lose hope of finding more. More about Love, more about how to determine Truth, more about discovering yourself in relation to those things, more about how the World works and more truthful information about the character and nature of the creator of all of those things – God.
When the “authorities on God” don’t provide anything that the soul’s thirst quenches for, people drift off in many of other directions.

Some resign to fear about going anywhere else to look for Truth and instead stick with institutions that hold the symbol of torture and death (the Crucifix) as their flag that identifies the Christian religion.

Some drift off and manufacture/feign happy fuzzy feelings and use imaginary entities such as a fat guy in a red suit or Fuzzy Rabbit as a bringer of gifts, because of no real truth provided to them by churches to connect personally to God – who is the true beholder of gifts of value.

Some drift onto symbolism and use an egg signifying a source of life, dis-illusioned by the churches effort to explain what Jesus taught. However, an egg alone is not that exciting/memorable. A chocolate egg is far more palatable, morphing Easter into National Chocolate Day on the calendar…….at least that’s how I signified Easter.


2000 years ago, many Truths were brought to mankind by Jesus.
These included most importantly how to have Loving relationships with each other. If each individual could learn this, the world could be Heaven on Earth.
Jesus discovered about what Loving relationships were by his own experience of desiring and engaging a personal relationship with God (not via a religion) and was able to relay by teaching and being a living personal example to mankind, what God’s Love does compared to what it does not do.
In essence, teaching mankind how they can also obtain a personal relationship and experiences with God directly, and don’t need any intermediaries, simply by desiring in their hearts to know the Truths from God, that many gifts will be brought to the seeker.

Even after his murder, he taught of life continuing after death of the physical body by appearing to a great number of people by manifesting different physical bodily appearances.
Additionally and just as importantly, he was also teaching in this, how to recognize a person by their character, not just their looks or their words. The necessity to feel the person. The same way that the relationship with God is to be established.


The teachings went on with some degree of accuracy for about one hundred years. These teachings were popular with people because a soul searching for Love and Truth is naturally drawn to God’s Love and God’s Truth, which Jesus engendered and was teaching of.
Over that time, people continued to follow the importance of connecting to the source (God), the teachings therefore remained all the same because they came from the same source and were consistent in their nature.
Healings in that time (that are now not understood and missing from Earth today) of physical deformities were able to be conducted on people, to provide them with a better quality of life. Many gifts were afforded to people who had Faith of the heart in God’s goodness and had felt the feeling of Love from God personally to know it.

Persecutions of the followers of Christianity began in the Roman Emperor Nero’s (1) reign in mid/late part of that first one hundred years. Personal emotions kick in when under attack and doubts/fear start to creep into cracks in beliefs that have not entered the heart, thus faith of the mind rather than faith of the heart begins to want to take front seat.

This is the Mini Morph – When the Truth (God’s Truth) is not emotionally accepted in the heart, and is only a belief of the mind, it is easily replaced by whatever the fear says.
It is in this state, fear is honored on the specific issue that triggers the fear and Love goes out of the window.


With persecutions of Christians continuing on through the next couple of centuries in varying levels of intensity, Christianity continued but went more underground into secrecy to avoid being persecuted.
Often to establish if you were of Christian faith, (from what I understand; someone must have told me because I wasn’t there and it’s not in Wikipedia) if you wanted to connect with another Christian perhaps on the street, during casual conversation, a Christian person during the conversation would casually use their foot and mark an arch in the sand/dirt. The other if they were a Christian would be aware of this casual marking and mark a corresponding arch, which looks like the symbol of a fish. This would indicate that they were safe to have a conversation with each other about their faith. The symbol would be casually scrubbed out during the conversation as to not leave evidence.


This symbol was referred to later as Ichthys – evolving from the Greek word for Fish.
Possibly a more worthy symbol for Christianity than a Crucifix.
Symbolizing courage, fortitude and faith to continue sharing the new teachings about God that would benefit every soul despite violent opposition and torturous death as a consequence.

Up until 4th century, the Christian problem would not go away despite all the savage executions. The threat of death had always been the way for tyrants of the World to manipulate and control people. However, with the teachings that Jesus provided about life continuing after death, Christians could not be manipulated as easily as other religions/people. This made them a powerful force that the Roman Emperor Constantine (2) and previous Emperors could not make go away by trying to kill them out. With the Roman Empire becoming fractured with constant uprisings of religious fighting, Constantine incorporated Christianity as the Roman religion.
This however was not simply just a case of accepting it as how Jesus taught it. Scribes of various existing prominent religions were given the task of going over the Christian scriptures pulling parts out that they didn’t understand, inserting ideals from other religions in, which then form an amalgamation of what is known as the Bible.
Some of the most important teaching were left out, which included how to establish a personal relationship with God and becoming at-one with how God feels on all issues. The religious scribes did not want this, because it would create a loss of power over the people if the people were told this truth. 

This is the Macro Morph – How the Truth is bent by one person and/or an organization for personal gain or control over the masses.

The Roman Emperor Constantine’s political way of seeing things was – If you can hijack (in the guise of accepting) the most powerful religious following (that you can’t manipulate and control by centuries of trying to kill them out), you grasp control of that power, thus enabling control over the people.

Religion and State have historically been the ones that have wanted to control people for their own selfish gains. Peoples FEAR is the common denominator here that is manipulated to gain that power. If people learned the Truth and worked to remove their fear via God’s method, then upon being free of that fear, they cannot be manipulated on that specific issue.
Case in point: When the early Christians discovered and experienced a personal relationship with God and felt the Truth that you never die, threats of death had no controlling or manipulative effect upon them.


From humble beginnings Jesus shared “The Way” with mankind about how to discover the Truth about all things via engaging in a heartfelt personal relationship with God; a singular simply way.
Currently to this day (2000 + years later), there are supposedly over 40,000 versions of Christian religions in existence!
What the points of difference are I don’t know. However, there is potentially:
40,000 versions of Truth. 40,000 versions of Love. 40,000 versions of what God is like.
And keep in mind, that’s just the Christian religions!

This is the Mega Morph – When the singular simply way to discover the Truth about God becomes 10’s, 100’s, 1000’s of versions now manifested.

This is how warped the morphing of God’s Love and God’s Truth becomes when people “decide” what the “truth” is about things that God created, rather than asking the actual creator.
Truth then becomes: “Whatever I choose it to be that doesn’t confront my idea of myself or what I want to do or believe”.
Love then becomes: “Getting what I want that makes ME feel happy is Me being loved”.

The divisions get larger and larger. One of the qualities of Love is that Love unifies, not divides.
This amount of division should raise not one, but 2 eyebrows in a least one of 40,000 Christian Religions if they are interested in Truth.
If Truth is the doorway to Love, then something is very wrong with Truth to cause this much division. 


The above has been a path from pure beginnings, to the twisting and manipulation of original teachings until the Truth is near impossible to find.
Without the truth of how to find God (the source of everything), without the answers about life, mankind floats about like a rudderless ship just waiting around to crash into something and be hurt or just eventually rot and sink.

Fortunately, there is a lighthouse.
(ironically, that is how Jesus looks to spirits when they see him compared to the light of the average person on Earth today)
This light as seen by the spirit body’s eyes is a reflection of acquirement of God’s Love and Truth within the soul that radiates outward.
The teachings of Divine Truth are a record of the same teachings that were presented by the same soul that was sharing them in the 1st Century – Jesus.
Predominantly how to have a personal relationship with God, what is currently blocking that relationship, method to remove those blocks, and then being open to be taught directly by God about the truth’s of the Universe rather than by ones who claim to be “an authority on God”.
There are others (13, minus1 deceased) of us that have also come to share God’s Truth that we have learned over the past 2 millennia from God about different subjects that will be of benefit to a wide range of people and of different interests. While the information will all be different, they will all contain the same core of Love and Truth as per God’s perspective, because we have all been taught by the same teacher.
For the others of us, we are a bit slower off the mark.

If the Absolute Truth, God’s personal Truth is not embraced on Earth, then all we will be left with is morphed relics like: Crucifix’s, Rabbits and Eggs.


(1) If you would like to know about the personal experience of the Roman Emperor Nero upon entering the Spirit World click here
(2) If you would like to know about the personal experience of the Roman Emperor Constantine upon entering the Spirit World click here

The changelings of both of these spirits were received by James Padgett in the early 20th century.
These texts and hundreds more were made complimentary available by the Divine Truth website:

Images provided by: Pixabay, Can Stock Photos, & photo images taken at Big W store of stocked items not purchased.


Have you ever misplaced your car keys at home, and then when upon searching for the keys eventually found them in a place that you would not normally leave them, such as the fridge?  If I had never ventured looking outside of the “normal” places I suspected that my keys would be, I would never have found them.

The same applies to illnesses and diseases.  To find a “cure” for Coronavirus and all other illnesses and diseases that affects the human body, it currently seems “normal” to look to the human body for what the cause of susceptibility to the illness or disease is.  But what if there is something far more to the human body than we currently believe?

What if the body is the instrument that simply shows the effects of some other cause, which is greater than the realm of our belief of “normal”?
The discovery of my keys looking outside the “normal” had a minor benefit to my life. To look outside the “normal” into human sickness and health can have a dramatic impact on mankind.
So let’s take a look!



If the body is the real us and the body dies, then we no longer exist, right? Yes and no actually.

Yes, when the Physical part has either worn out or suffered severe trauma, it can no longer function and expires, decays and turns back into matter that essentially formed it. So the body itself no longer exists.

And No, the true Us that has a sense and awareness of ourselves, continues to live on in another body that has co-existed with our Physical Body since birth, called the Spirit Body.

To give some examples of your Spirit Body’s existence:

  • You are experiencing it when you someone walks up close to, yet not touch you and sometimes we may ask them to get out of our space. Our Spirit Body is larger than our Physical Body, and this infringement that we are feeling is the sensation from their Spirit Body touching ours.
  • Or when someone tries to sneak up on you, and because your Spirit Body is larger than your Physical Body, your Spirit Body senses alerts you to their presence.
  • Or you often hear of an amputee who says that they have the feeling of a phantom limb, when they have lost a limb, but what they are experiencing is the energy of Spirit Body limb which is un-harmed.
  • Or when you go to sleep because the Physical Body needs to rest, you spend time in your Spirit Body in the Spirit World/Universe having experiences in what are commonly called dreams. Ever had a scary dream and escaped back into your Physical Body to escape the situation you were in and woken up in a fright? Ever had dreams that feel as if they were real; because they were real experiences that you had, but in your Spirit Body. When you do die, and then have and existence in the Spirit World, you will be familiar with many of the places that you’ve visited in that 1/3 (sleep) of your Earth life.

The real Us has a lot more going on than just the Physical Body. For instance, the Spirit Body contains the mind which functions the brain. The Spirit Body energizes the Physical Body’s systems in all areas often noted as Chakras. Chakras are of the Spirit Body, not the Physical Body.  There are strings or lines of energy going out and coming into the Spirit Body in interactions with other people. You can actually feel this if you want to be aware of when you are giving or taking energy to or from another person.
There is an energetic chord that connects the spirit body to the Physical body called “the Silver Chord”. When this is severed, the Physical body dies. It cannot be reversed.
There is some awareness in people of the Spirit Body existence and there are literally volumes to write about the Spirit Body but another time, because there is more!
The Spirit Body is not the real Us either. It is a vehicle in which to experience the Spirit World and made of a different lighter type of matter than the heavy and coarse matter of the Physical World.
The real Us is the Soul.
This is more difficult to explain, but you will recognize the Soul by its qualities and attributes, such as:

  • Emotions,
  • Instincts,
  • Passions,
  • Feelings,
  • Intentions,
  • Aspirations,
  • Desires,
  • Freewill,
  • Memories,
  • Experiences,
  • Natural love for fellow man,
  • Conscience……….to name a few.

These things are the real Us.
The active energy of the Soul is expressed through the Spirit Body and the Physical Body (in that sequence) via words, thoughts and actions that originated in the Soul. The Soul is the source of everything that makes you, you. The average person today is numbed down to many of the Souls qualities and attributes due to a large range of unexpressed Fears.

The soul is designed (by God) to allow feelings to pass through it/you, experiencing all emotions, discovering the truth about yourself and the world, causing growth. This is what you see infants/young children do quite naturally, with both joyful experiences and painful experiences.
As we get a little older and living in a world that values intellect over emotions, we begin to shut down to our emotional self, our Soul, blocking that energy in motion (e-motion) that provides healthy energy to our Spirit Body, which affects the functioning of our Physical Body.
We end up looking for answer to problems that affect our Physical Body, in an intellectual type of way, rather than an emotional way, not aware that the source of the problem is Soul based.

This minuscule description that I have given of the Soul’s existence and inter-relationship with the world (that of which is so important), can be enlarged by checking out a detailed description by Jesus in a talk called Secrets of the Universe –

20090926 session 1 Pt1.

20090926 session 1 Pt2.

20090927 session 2 Pt1.

20090927 session 2 Pt2.


To illustrate the point being made.

Material Body Reference

If you have a belief that what you are is only Physical in nature, then there is a limited amount that you will be open to seeing upon looking for answers to Physical issues. You will only be seeing 1/3 of the picture, but believing that you seeing the whole thing.

So essentially, you will see this as a whole picture of an ocean and cloudy sky.


Spirit Body Reference

If you have an awareness of a Spiritual Body that co-exists with your Physical Body you will see issues and ailments in a broader understanding of what is going on, and begin to make linkages with the source of energy beyond the Physical.

You will begin to see more of the picture and making more truthful discoveries of what the mysteries might be.


Soul Reference

If you have discovered how God has designed you (a Soul) to work and discovered a framework of Laws that God put in place that are all designed to lead towards Love, peace, fulfillment, joy, you will then also begin to understand that certain Laws must have been broken about Love when pain, illness, disease, or accidents occur.

You will be able to investigate problems personally and emotionally and discover answers based on the full picture, of who you are and how you work, rather than focusing on 1/3 of the picture (the Physical Body) which is essentially the sounding board of the Soul.

The “Cause” of all disease and illness originates in the Soul and the “Effects” of that cause can be seen/observed in disturbances of the health of the Spirit and Physical Bodies.

So how does all of this relate to Coronavirus?



Armed with a wider field of view, it’s time to take a look at the alternative to what the world is looking at in regards to Coronavirus or more specifically, the current strain – COVID-19!

Let’s start with God.

God created everything in the known Universe from personal feelings of Love. When God created Us he gave us our first gift – the Gift of Free Will. (many more available when we use the first gift in harmony with God’s Love)
God also created a framework of Laws that govern the whole Universe which encompasses the Physical, Spirit and Soul Universes…and I suspect more than that.
The Laws are self-governing and designed to ensure that everything in the Universe runs smoothly and that all life is cherished, valued and provided for, hence offering a Loving environment for all.

When God decided to give us the gift of Free-Will, it also comes with great responsibility on how it is used. When we use the gift, (or it could be said that when our Soul makes choices) if the intention is something that is out of harmony with God’s definition of Love, then negative effects will manifest. Pain and suffering and degradation will occur.
When used in harmony, positive effects will manifest, often greater than even expected. Joy, faith and growth will occur, and more gifts are provided.
In short, the Law of Cause and Effect is thus briefly explained. What you sow, you will reap in kind.
For an excellent informative description of the workings of the Law of Cause & Effect by Jesus, can be found here –

20111204 Session 1
20111204 Session 2


IMPORTANT NOTE: God doesn’t create illnesses and diseases.
Our soul when it is out of harmony with God’s Laws creates illnesses and diseases. Illness and disease are an effect to alert us that our Soul has some false emotional beliefs that need our personal attention to guide us back to Love and health.


God didn’t make it impossible to find the Cause of a problem, because the Effects will help expose the Cause.

In regard to COVID-19, what are the facts and effects:

  • It involves everyone on the planet, not just a nation, a culture, a gender, but everyone. So from a Soul perspective, the Cause must be based on some issue that we all agree on.
  • While the strain is considered a new one, it is linked to a series of other previous viruses (Mers, Sars) that affect the respiratory system
  • Effecting people predominantly beyond 60 years of age
  • Effecting males more than females in that age category
  • Considered to be a zoonotic (transfer from animal to human) based virus
  • Epicenter of the virus considered to be the Wet markets in Wuhan, China.
  • In the past 25 years there have been outbreaks of Mad-cow disease, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, Hendra virus, MERS, SARS, COVID-19 (Bird and swine Flu also effect the respiratory system)
  • COVID-19 symptoms can be quite mild (barely noticeable), therefore is easily spread
  • Shut-down the world’s economy which is the usual prime focus of life activities
  • Panic buying and hoarding of food (long term things like flour, sugar, pasta, canned food and toilet paper!)
  • Vegetable seedlings and seed suppliers sold out
  • People have to self-isolate
  • No pubs, shopping, sports, cinemas, gyms, cafes, restaurants, libraries, church, schools, events or gatherings of people
  • Many people suspended from doing their jobs
  • Children stay home with parents and get to experience that relationship on a longer time scale
  • Couples spend more time with each other
  • Bigotry towards people from China
  • Conspiracy theories develop (expressions of personal un-felt fear without facts)
  • International and state borders closed
  • Skies in cities become smog free for first time in decades
  • People agitated at authority being told to stay at home and at social distancing
  • International and local Air traffic is suspended
  • Wars between countries have been forced to stop

From the above effects of the virus, and keeping in mind of God’s Laws in operation (namely the Law of Love, Law of Cause and Effect, Law of Attraction and Law of Compensation), I feel that there are a number of things going on here than simply the virus where all the attention is at.



There is an opportunity being offered to the World here.
The world and people’s lives seem to have become busier and have less time, yet with more convenience than ever before being available.
The real loss in the current world is, quality time. Personal reflection time. Quiet time. Connection time to our Soul and to others. To discover what really matters to us. To feel what we really want. To examine our past, and current choices and if they were from Love or from Fear and gauging the outcomes.

What has the COVID-19 event, created by the collective Soul condition of people in the world highlighted?

  • Time has been offered to the world for reflection, which we don’t normally make for ourselves.
  • Jobs have been lost, but was the job a person’s passion, or just a means to an end.
  • Time has been made to spend with your children to get to know them and you.
  • Relationships have the chance to focus on the relationship and discover if it is from love or need.
  • Chance to see the emotional responses that are in us when we get afraid – hoarding, panic buying, blaming, demanding, expectations on others, anger.
  • Pleasure activities have been taken away, that help us to avoid ourselves; pubs, clubs, competitive sport, shopping, cafes, festivals, concerts, travel etc. or to be specific, personal addictions are no longer able to be met.
  • Chance to focus on what’s really important to us, now that the economy has taken back seat.
  • To discover how reliant we are on others for our food, our water, our health.
  • To see how much burden and expectation we put on others such as health workers to heal us rather than we take responsibility for our Soul health in which we can self-heal at a (Soul) Causal level where every illness and disease has an emotional signature rather than (Material Body) Effects level.
  • Having to learn skills of how to cook and feed ourselves, now that we can’t rely on cafes, restaurants and fast food outlets to feed us.
  • Chance for the religious to see if they need a Church as an intermediary between themselves and God.
  • To observe what happens in the natural environment when man’s activities are drastically reduced.


This COVID-19 event, has been attracted to the World, to provide opportunity to change!

To give us time to reflect, to facilitate that change.

It is an event that is large enough to get everybody’s attention, and if it’s that large then it is serious!

Consider this. For decades we’ve been warned that we are on a path of self-destruction on this planet, yet if we are honest with ourselves, will still want what we want and don’t care about what the damage is. During this shut-down people are often asking, “how long will it be before things can get back to normal?”

If life before this event was considered “normal” and that was self-destruction, then what inside of us would choose that? It seems illogical to the mind, however the mind is subordinate to the Soul – which needs exploring.

The Law of Attraction would deem that if this event doesn’t inspire some change, then a far more serious event will be attracted for current destructive actions to be addressed and corrected. Not in another hundred years, 50 or 10, but in line with the rapidity of the destruction of this planet.

God’s Law of Attraction as explained by Jesus is well worth checking out.
20120707 Session 1 Pt.1
20120707 Session 1 Pt.2
20120708 Session 2 



In the recent past there have been other viral outbreaks that have caught world’s attention.
Such as:

  • Swine Flu
  • Mad-cow disease
  • Bird Flu

What makes these interesting is that it brings attention to these particular animals (could have been any others) that are also largely cultivated for human consumption. Additionally, the link that the diseases that they harbored are zoonotic in nature – transferable from animal to human.
God’s Laws are always trying to tell us about something that we are doing that is out of harmony with Love. When pain is occurring to us or others (including animals), we need to take note.
Man seems to want to have dominion over animals rather than seeing them as our ally in the importance of our life’s existence. Very few animals can defend themselves against Man.
Could viruses passed on from animals to humans be a natural defense system against attack from Man? A defense to protect against potential species extinction, as an effect from Man choosing to use animals as a food source?


What is also of interest in following the links, is the source location of the COVID-19 virus outbreak.
It could have been anywhere, but is happened to be at a place that illustrates Man’s true feelings about the purpose of animals. There was notable public and media backlash (mainly from the Western World) to the activities of Wet-Markets in Wuhan, China.

This was mainly due to the markets being a place that often sold live and slaughtered exotic animals for human consumption.  Exotic meaning not the usual (accepted) poultry, livestock and seafood, but other animals such as snakes, bats, dogs, cats, turtles, frogs, monkeys and other animals considered as protected species.

There is a great deal of hypocrisy in this backlash of the Wet-Markets in China.

It’s either OK to kill (all) animals to eat, or it’s not.
The (feelings) backlash is suggesting that it’s not OK, yet the actions (emotional belief that “I need meat to survive”) says that it is OK?

There is a moral dilemma going on here!

According to the Law of Love, all life is valued. This includes ALL animals, large and microscopic. They all have roles in the environment to keep the Earth healthy for plants, other animals, and us.

It is well documented that livestock production as a food source is a major contributor to global warming (greater than is accounted for if you factor in the potential loss that trees provide in the role of Co2 of absorption).
With effects such as:

  • De-forestation
  • Loss of arable land
  • Heating of the earth’s crust exposed to a point of where no soil life can exist
  • Erosion of top soil, loss of vegetation that can absorb carbon
  • Loss of tress that produce oxygen
  • Negative changes to weather patterns……….to name but a few items of degradation


However, the greatest loss here is millions of hectares of habitat for native diversity of animals whose role it is to keep the planet healthy.

The losses to ocean health is also a major concern because of large swathes of sea-life being rounded up and taken from their environment too, much being the victim of by-kill.
Self-education is needed on this (investigation into feelings in the Soul about the belief that a person needs to eat meat to live), and telling the Truth to children about where their food comes from and let them make choices by being informed.
Embarrassingly, it wasn’t until my early 30’s that I still thought that there were certain (dairy) cows just for producing milk! I was more than a little shocked to find out what the process was to keep the cow lactating, and also coming to understand how Veal came about.
If we were equal (as Love is) and we treated humans the same way to get what we wanted as we do to animals, there would be major public protestation.

Due to loss of habitat, it comes as no surprise that animals such as bats who are coming into closer contact with human settlements  (as is the case for many species of animals), is therefore increasing the virus transfer risk, and are not so ironically are the suspected source of the SARS virus (the pre-cursor virus to COVID-19).
It’s a situation that we have created, destroying native animal habitats, so there is bound to be flow on effects (Law of Compensation being brought into action) to raise our awareness that we are causing pain to other life and essentially to ourselves. We’ve had many warnings (Law of Attraction) up until this point.
– Check out the Law of Compensation, Repentance & Divine Forgiveness
20081221 Pt.1
20081221 Pt.2


Causes can be traced through links, using God’s Laws to guide you there. The Law of Love being the highest Law. When pain or damage has occurred, the mark of Love has been missed somewhere.
If it effects the whole world, then it must be something emotionally that the whole world agrees on that is out of harmony with Love.

In case you missed it, the links were:

  • Event of COVID-19 occurs. An effect that causes human deaths and the world pays attention.
  • Effects the whole world, so it must be based on a belief about something that the whole world agrees on.
  • Source of virus points to the Wet Markets in Wuhan, China. Market that supplies animal based food, which the world agrees on.
  • The origin of the virus is believed to be zoonotic in nature. Links the relationship of the virus having something to do between the relationship of animal and man.
  • Public out-cry about the slaughtering of exotic species of animal at markets, world feels it’s wrong and wants these type of markets shut down, yet hypocritically.
  • People panic buy food supplies. Restrictions must occur to keep Love in place so that all may have food.
  • Panic buying actions linking that the virus has to do with emotional beliefs present in people is an issue is about our feeling about food and our survival.
  • World believes need meat to survive.
  • World’s environment is being destroyed to satisfy the demand for meat (a known unsustainable food source).
  • Many events were a pre-cursor to this event. It is not something unsuspected.
  • If no change occurs on the issue of the Love relationship between Man and animals, a worse event will occur to highlight the problem until more attention is paid.



If the Real Us is the Soul, then let’s have a look at another alternative to the World’s perspective (Material Body focus) on the Cause of the COVID-19 virus.

To continue with linking things up using God’s Laws, another interesting point of the COVID-19 virus is that the mortality rate was significantly the highest in the age groups from 60-80+. And the mortality rate increased in line with the age increase.

Of this age group, men are more likely to die from the virus than women.

What is it in our Soul that causes susceptibility to the virus?

The virus itself will provide a link.
In a build-up before the COVID-19 outbreak, there was SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) and MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) which are from the same Coronavirus family. (Law of Attraction events) The Common Cold and the Flu are also from the Coronavirus family.
The respiratory system is effected by all of these.

How do you feel when you have a Cold or the Flu?

  • Physically – Low on energy, sore throat, coughing, congestion, runny nose, chest feels heavy, hard to breathe normally, loss or smell and taste, can’t get a good night’s sleep, don’t want anyone around, eyes feel puffy, look really sad, feel like crap!
  • Emotionally – Heavy, sad, depressed, emotionally exhausted,


The suppression of emotional sadness is a key suspect in all of the Coronavirus family illnesses.
With Coronavirus, an emotional feeling of sadness in the Soul is blocked/prevented from being released (as God designed).  This also reduces the flow of energy in the Spirit Body, in the Heart Chakra area, which reduces the effectiveness of the Material Body to operate effectively and is easily susceptible to illness and disease.

The symptoms of the illness are trying to expose the emotion of the person with the illness.

Much like a weak plant is the most susceptible to disease and attack.

Emotional beliefs about expression of grief and sadness may vary from Country, Culture, Religion, Family, Gender, etc., however the common feeling in the World is that it’s not OK to just cry when you are feeling sad. That it’s only OK for children to cry and less so as they get older.
There are a huge range of emotional beliefs as to why we are blocked to free expression of our grief and sadness.

Notable in the COVID_19 mortality rates, is that those (60 – 80+ age bracket) have had a lot more years to suppress and compound their sadness, making them more vulnerable to the virus. Men are less likely to release their sadness than women which could be the reason why men are dying from the virus more than women.

What are some of the physical experiences when actually allowing the emotions to flow in the expression of grief and sadness:

  • Eyes watering
  • Nose running
  • Mouth dribbling
  • Heaving and loosening of chest cavity & stomach
  • Coughing sometimes
  • Vocalizing the grief
  • Body gets quite warm (due to energy now flowing again that was previously blocked)


What are some of the after effects of releasing the grief and sadness:

  • Lightness in chest
  • Clear in head/mind
  • Feeling of relief
  • Feeling of calm
  • Opened up emotionally to new awakenings
  • Deeper understanding of the source of the sadness
  • Clear on what actions to take next

The Law of Attraction for the world (COVID-19) is letting us know that there is a lot of suppressed sadness in the world.

This shutting down of the World’s “normal” activities and giving us an opportunity/a reprieve from the frenetic buzz that we try and live in to keep us away from our real self (Soul), because if we went and had a look in there, we might find that we are actually quite sad with major parts of our life.

Every sickness has an emotional signature attached to it. To discover the cause of the COVID-19 virus in particular, you would have to find the matching specific sadness or grief feelings existing in the individuals who were susceptible to it.

This study is not considered by the World, therefore the true cure cannot yet be discovered.



When armed with knowledge of the Truth of how God created the real Us along with God Laws to guide us to discover why things happen that bring us pain (and joy), we can then become self-healers thus, self-responsible.

You can’t fix something if you don’t know how it was originally created or have a truthful understanding of the how the systems that guides it works.

Any, or all of the combined above mentioned alternatives about the created event of COVID-19 could be valid. These alternatives are simply my interpretations and opinions of current events.

With the cry from many in the World wanting things to get back to “normal”, it will be interesting to see if the World wants something different than how it was before the Pandemic occurred.
Yet that “normal” before was rapidly destroying this planet. That “normal” creates pain and death; how can we want that?
But we must do, because our actions that cause effects are proving that.

However, there is an alternative!

HOLY CRAP…..who knew? Pt.2

Welcome back to Part 2 of HOLY CRAP….who knew?

In Part 1, we got to discover:

  • The relatively unnoticed problem of the rapid depletion of good topsoil still available on the planet, to be able to continue to grow food in.
  • A potential solution to this problem that everyone is already a part of on a daily basis.
  • The beginning of a “Proof of Concept” experiment that follows God’s Principals and design to convert lifeless soil and human waste (Crap…as the title suggests) and into a safe and life giving product.
  • The setting-up of the experiment.

We’re now down to the business end of the experiment, so to speak, where the method, and the results will be delivered.

It is recommended to read “Holy Crap….who knew? Part 1” to give context to this article.



Carrying on from where we left off in Part 1…..we are now ready to plant our butt on the toilet seat and make a deposit (no photo for this one….use your imagination….or not).
Having done that, we usually press the button and water takes away that environmental golden nugget. Seeing this is a water-less toilet and we want to keep the golden nugget because we understand its value of giving back to the environment, however we still need to cover it over for sanitary reasons, so our covering material is essential.

TIP: place enough compost covering material to cover the entire bottom of the bucket before initial use. This will make the cleaning process upon emptying, effortless. 

In the beginning of this experiment, the plan was to use some green waste compost material to cover over the poo deposit. This compost material was of no use in the garden at all because it was hydrophobic, which meant it would not take on water and therefore no life could live in it to break it down.

Seeing as this green waste compost material was just sitting around in piles not breaking down much at all, there was hope that having it mixed with the poo and the worms working through it, that the compost material might be revitalized into something good.
However, when using this compost material, if there was more pee than poo in the toilet, the compost material separated and floated rather than absorbed, which was not what I wanted, which was kind of obvious due to its hydrophobic nature.
Some people at this stage may choose to separate the pee and the poo in a composting toilet system.
However, I have observed as a backyard gardener that animal manures were very beneficial to the plants growth. Most gardeners’ desired choice of manures was poultry poo, because of the high nitrogen content.
I wondered why this manure was higher in nitrogen?

I discovered that the difference between other popular animal manures such as horse, cow, sheep and pig, was that with the poultry variety, pee and poo are contained in the same package. I figured that the extra nitrogen content in the poultry manure from the pee content, was highly beneficial.
Human pee is very high in nitrogen too.
God seems to have designed the pee and poo to come out in combination, so for this experimental toilet system I didn’t want to separate the pee and the poo, for the benefits that God must have in mind for such a design as well as to keep the system simple.
What to do about the moisture though?


In nature, it seems that moisture attracts moisture. Moist materials will usually take on moisture more readily than bone dry ones such as, watering a dry pot plant the water simply passes through compared to moist soil in a pot plant which readily soaks up the moisture.

Additionally in nature, there is a variety of organic waste material that falls to the ground that attracts a variety of soil life that break this matter down and converts this into food for living things like plants. The more variety of life in an environment on mass, the healthier that environment.

This observation resulted in adding other organic waste matter to the green waste compost, which included grass clippings and sawdust. The idea is that it will aid in the initial soaking up of liquid in the toilet system, then also attract additional life to the system in the breaking down process.

The plan when making up the compost covering material, was to also pre-moisten it to see if the addition of some minor moisture would also aid in the soaking up of the pee and poo moisture more readily.

This is how it was made.

All the gear ready to make a compost covering material mix.


Screening out the large woody chunks from the hydrophobic green waste material.


Screened green waste, sawdust, grass clipping and a little moisture.


In this experiment, the compost type covering material to cover the poo deposit in the toilet is pre-made up in bulk in a wheelbarrow and stored in 20L. buckets with loose lids on them (to let some air in to pre-aid in the decomposition process) ready for use.
About 4 buckets are made up. This usually lasts for about 3 months per person.
The additions of more organic material has fixed the lack of absorption issue.



One thing to always keep in mind in during this experiment, is working in harmony with what God has already designed.
God designed the Animal Kingdom as the maintenance system of workers whose role is to maintain the health and vitality of the Plant Kingdom. The Invertebrate group of workers (in this the case the land based ones) are fantastic at breaking down dead organic matter and convert it into foods for plants to thrive on. Essentially, they make what I would call micro-manure.
So the more of these workers that I can attract to the system, the faster the decomposition process, the quicker the end product can be used, the quicker the environment can be recovered.
Incorporating these guys as working parts to a human waste system the bonus is:
– no costly infrastructure,
– no parts that can breakdown,
– useless soil becomes vibrant,
– and I do very little work because God’s little workers are getting their hands dirty sorting out the poopy problem.

Once the toilet bucket gets to about ¾ full (or 7/8 for the more adventurous), which usually is by about 10 days / person, it is taken to a holding area near the worm farm. Realistically, it could simply just go straight into the worm farm. However, I prefer to let it sit for about a month.
This is to allow it to attract insects and other workers from the natural environment to begin the decomposition process. Hence, attracting more workers to the system.
This holding area, which is outside in the elements, is like the pre-factory before it goes to the large worm factory.

After this holding time period, the contents get emptied into the worm farm.
In summer, the contents of the bucket are virtually completely broken down by this stage. In the winter months, there is still some signs of human poo deposits.
Once the toilet bucket contents are emptied into the worm farm, the army of worm workers (and other buddies) completely break the contents down within 4-8 days, depending on the seasonal temperature.  Faster in summer, slower in winter.

The holding area before emptying into the worm farm, with tomato seeds in poo sprouting.


Once the toilet bucket contents are emptied into the worm farm they are spread out with a stick, then the bucket is cleaned at the worm farm.

Contents of the toilet bucket freshly emptied.


There is no water at this location, so the contents of a 9 L. watering can is used.
This involves a rough watering of the bucket to remove any loose soil. This is tipped into the worm farm.

The next clean is with water and a dish brush or toilet brush to remove anything that didn’t come off the bucket with a rough watering. No vigorous scrubbing is ever required because the contents of the bucket slide out quite easily. This water is also tipped into the worm farm.
The cover is then reinstated on the worm farm.

The final clean is using a biodegradable dish-washing detergent and the same brush to give the bucket a hygienic once over. The bucket is then given a rinse out with water.  This water is then tipped out onto any fortunate tree.

The final clean in the cleaning process.


This process take about 5 minutes. It occurs about every 10 days, and uses 9lt. water, based on one person.

Interestingly, after about 1 year, not only were the worms doing all their great work (which is the only life that I added to the system), there was also a variety of other invertebrate creatures such as slaters, earwigs, tiny black beetles, and a bunch of micro creatures that had been attracted to the system to aid in the decomposition.
There was even a resident frog, who was enjoying the conditions.

Also for interest sake, rats or mice have never been attracted to the soil/poo conversion worm farm or holding buckets.
I have a fruit and vegetable scraps worm farm in a bathtub not far away from the poo worm farm one and occasionally a rat or a mouse finds it to be a great place to dine out……before I assume a snake eventually gets attracted to them and has a similar idea.
I mention this because sometimes people are worried about vermin/poo/disease spreading.



It’s time to move the workers over to the vacant factory (empty bathtub). But how do you get them to move?
The simplest method is by attraction.

A wire basket that was earlier used in the screening of the woody lifeless green waste compost material, is filled with horse manure or anything similar. Anything else that the worms love to eat will attract them to the basket.
I’ve never though just to use the contents of my bucket straight up. Hmmm.  Might try that next time!

I put some small blocks (or anything) about 25 mm (an inch) high, under the 4 corners of the manure filled basket just to keep it slightly up off the surface of the converted soil that the worms have been working their magic on. This helps with the transfer because they get up into the basket rather than staying in the converted soil and eating from there. I want them in the basket for ease of transfer.

Basket loaded with manure, ready to attract the worms into it for transfer. 


The vacant factory (bathtub) it is set up with some bedding material, as shown in Part 1. This can simply be anything organic and moist so that the worms are not directly onto the surface of the bathtub.
(Since Part 1, I have used soaked fluted cardboard and wet shredded paper as a bedding material, which works really well)
I repeat this transfer method a second time to try and get the majority of the worms moved over to the new bathtub. On this second transfer once the basket has been emptied, I also use a small hand gardening fork to just take off about 50 mm, (2 inches) of the top layer of the soil that the worms were in to move over any remaining worms that were next in line for a horse manure feast. There is usually quite a lot at this level. (Use a gardening fork, not a gardening shovel, which would cut the worms in half)
It is also beneficial moving this top layer to the new active bathtub, by bringing across smaller workers like micro-organisms in the process, to aid in recreating the same conditions that they all came from, and to not upset the flow of work in the factory too much.
A waiting bucket of human poo from the holding area is then given as welcoming gift to the workers of the new factory.

Be aware in hot weather that you may need more moisture and/or depth of insulating material to keep the newly moved worms cool.
I killed all of my worms (workers) in one go one time after transferring them during a hot period in summer where the days were consistently above 35 degrees C (95 degrees F).  In the hot weather they would usually go deeper into the soil where it is cooler, but there was no depth upon transfer.
I had to reconsider my Work Health & Safety plan for my workers!



God’s little workers break down organic matter and create a new type of substance and structure, that is amorphous (without a clearly defined shape or form, according to soil scientist) that differs from the substance and structure of soil.
What is created is commonly known as Humus (not hummus, which is a chickpea dip).
Humus is a substance that is dark brown or black in color due to the Carbon content and is kind of sticky or spongy in nature.
In the natural environment the creation of humus can take up to 100 years in untouched forests for a humus layer to be built up. This experimental system with human waste seems to be able to fast track that process exponentially.
Humus has the ability to hold up 90% of its own weight in water, absorbs minerals to be slowly released as plants demands them and water will not washout the minerals that it captures as can happen with just soil.
Effectively, the ground based workers converted organic waste material into a substance that enriches the soil and everything growing in it.

The finished product.


On the left is the finished product. On the right is the original green waste mulch.


This converted soil can be added to any existing soil that you would like to enhance, and in particular, to improve the soils ability to retain water for longer periods. Be sure to cover the soil from the elements as the humus still contains loads of micro life.

For years I was using the poo-converted soil to dig in around approximately 100 fruit and nut trees that I had planted on the property. It was just an experiment in its own right initially, because the soil on the property was not very good. The trees required water about every month to keep them alive, but less if we had good rains.
Watering 100 trees by hand by watering can was not much fun!

The plan was to do it how God does it.
God doesn’t require us to go and water the forest. God’s system has operations in place that fixes the soil to be able to retain moisture and nutrients for the trees to thrive on – a self-sufficient system.

Over time, with the poo-converted soil that I had added, I realized that the fruit and nut trees needed less and less of my watering input and were still growing well, so I was on the right track. Now they get watered 2-3 times a year, with whatever comes out of the hose in the space of one minute per tree (about 20 L, 5.3 Gal), which was great, because I have a whole lot of time back…..a resource that can’t be replenished.
Thanks poo, thanks worms, thanks God!

Distributing the finished product in the wheelbarrow to trees.


The only problem with the success of soil under the trees being able to retain moisture longer, was that the majority of our rain comes in the summer (if it comes). Winter is quite dry and as spring comes on and new buds appear and the fruit trees are the greenest thing around and therefore are usually the target of fuzzy creatures likes wallabies, bandicoots and possums. Tree guards that I have around the trees are no obstacle for an empty stomach and the trees get attacked quite ferociously most years.
Having being in drought 2 years running (less than 1/3 of annual average rainfall) the unfortunate good growth of the trees means they are heavily targeted, yet somehow surviving.

There is a harmonious solution to this on a larger scale also involving the use of the poo-converted soil, but that is another experiment in mind for another time.

The use of the soil worked so well on the trees that I decided to try it in the vegetable garden. At first I thought (old-school fear) that maybe vegetables grown in soil that originally contained poo, might be a health risk.
So as any great scientist does, test it on yourself!

The converted soil from the worm farm I find is like a soil conditioner. So it was mixed in with the existing garden soil.
It had the same remarkable water retention abilities as I had observed on the fruit trees. The vegetable thrived. Originally my watering of them in the same soil before was an everyday task in summer, which had now reduced to weekly.
The only time the vegetables ever become droopy is because I forget to water them, because I am so use to them mostly looking after themselves, and I forget when I watered them last.

Vegetables enjoying the benefit provided to them by humanure.


Interestingly, I’ve never had to buy a tomato plant for growing since using this soil on the trees and vegetable garden. They seem to come straight from my butt…well…via eating them, going through the conversion system and back into the soil, the seeds sprout up everywhere, even around the base of trees.
Black Muscat grape seeds also germinate in this fashion too.  Those 2 are the only seeds that have gone through me and through the system to complete a full cycle into growing again. I don’t know why only these 2 seeds at this stage and if others potentially can too.
Oh….by the way, the scientific experiment worked.  I’m still alive! No poo poisoning via the soil.
I doubted there would ever be an issue, because God’s system was at play, which promotes and enhances life.
A little bit of faith in God’s Way going on there!



Seeing as I didn’t die and was in good health to do some research, I found an Accredited Laboratory in accordance with the International Standards Organisation (ISO) that could test the soil for contaminates to human health. I didn’t tell them what was in the soil as to not allow human influence/prejudice to hinder the results.
While I might personally be impressed with the results of this Proof of Concept experiment, rather than just have my opinion I felt it was important to get some verifiable data of the end product, which may help others to see the benefits of dealing with human waste in the way that God designed, which promotes life!
My main test was for:

  • The existence of any dangerous pathogens (seeing as human excrement was used)
  • Mineral content present in the soil
  • Soil pH levels (acidity-alkalinity of the soil)


Click on the document name to see the Pathogen test results – SAS Lab Test Results #1


Fecal Coliform (more commonly termed Thermotolerant Coliforms) and E. coli were tested for pathogens related to Fecal contamination.
The soil sample sent in was of the finished poo/compost material that has been through the conversion process by the worm farm and been idle for 3 months since the worms were removed to the new active worm farm.
The test results are measured as MPN per gram of compost. MPN refers to “Most Probable Number”.
According to The EPA (Environment Protection Authority) the absolute maximum value in dry weight of compost soil should not exceed for:
Thermotolerant Coliforms – 100MPN/g. (Test sample results were: 0 MPN/g.)
E Coli – 1000MPN/g. (Test sample results were: 1 MPN/g.)

Essentially, fantastic results – absolutely safe for usage.


Click on the document name to see the Mineral Content test results – SAS Lab Test Results #2


The Mineral Content test results shows 2 different samples provided for testing to see an easy side by side sample result of a before and after comparison.
Sample 1: the green waste compost soil in its original natural state, and
Sample 2: the finished poo/compost material that has gone through the conversion process by the worm farm and been idle for 3 1/2 months since the worms were removed to the new active worm farm.
The results are recorded as Milligrams per Kilogram (mg/kg).
If you are more familiar with Parts per Million (ppm) as a measurement, this conversion is 1:1.  Simply change the mg/kg to ppm at the end of the number.

It is quite noticeable how the mineral content levels in the original green waste compost soil have been reduced by up to half after going through the worm farm process. Why this is, I do not know, nor did they know at the Lab.
Some sort of magic is going on, however I haven’t fully discovered what that is, yet the soil has been remarkably transformed into better soil by the army of soil workers.
What I mean by this is that, even while the green waste mulch in its natural form has twice the level minerals in it, those minerals don’t seem to be available to plants.
Even when it was originally used and constantly kept moist, the plant life never thrived. Yet with the poo added to it and it been transformed by a variety of invertebrate creatures, only about half the mineral content is present, but seemingly all available to plants, by the ease and ability of which plant life seems to grow in it.
Like I said, some sort of magic is going on. God is also a magician as well as an excellent architect!

You may notice in the mineral content list of the Lab results, shows that lead is in the soil. This was alarming to me at first before some investigation.
It appears that lead is found naturally in soil in low amounts.  It is the levels of lead in the soil that are of concern to human and animal health, particularly young children who can absorb this more easily than adults and often use hand to mouth activities.
A level of less than 300 mg/kg is considered safe in garden soils in Australia. Countries such as USA’s EPA safe levels of lead in soil are, 400 parts per million (ppm) of lead in bare soil in children’s play areas or 1200 ppm average for bare soil in the rest of the yard.
A level of 61 mg/kg from the converted sample was five times below the safe level.



pH testing of the finished product.

pH is a measurement of how acidic or base (alkaline) a substance is.
The pH table varies from 0 – 14, with 7 being neutral. Below 7 is more acidic and above 7 is more alkaline.
This test was easy enough to do by myself.
An image of the test shows a pH level somewhere between 6.5 and 7. This was consistent with various tests done.
The typical pH range for most plants is between 5.5 and 7.



These test results confirmed my suspicion that the use of poo with compost covering material, being broken down via God’s workers (as designed) would produce a safe and enriched substance would not only be safe to grow in but be used to fix existing soil and very beneficial to the vibrant and healthy growth of plants.

Asking the Lab people to interpret the results for me, they said that the tests results according to the guidelines set out by the EPA, rate the worm farm converted soil sample (Sample 2) as Class A compost soil.
Is Class A good or bad?
It is the highest class, which can effectively be sold commercially if someone should choose to do that.



Through the various stage of Part 1 of this article titled “Holy Crap….who knew?” you discovered that the “Crap” in the title referred to human-waste, bio-solids, humanure, stool samples, excreta or however you may like to term it in a more refined way than I have been using.

You also discovered that the “…who knew?” part of the title was about the value of our poo that we call waste, yet in God’s design it is of life giving value.
You will now get to discover where the “Holy” part of the title fits in.


This Proof of Concept experiment set out to observe what God does and replicate it. Why? Because everything that God does is good and benefits everyone and everything.

By observing and designing in the same way that the Universe’s Greatest Architect (God) has done and armed with systems that he has designed to keep our BIG HOUSE (the Earth) running in a maintenance free type of way, has been the key inspiration for this project in endeavoring to replicate in a way God does.
In the background, the bigger picture has always been if it can be done how God does it, it will create a revolving cycle of life.

This illustration below shows what has been created.


Closing the loop


“Holy” – to become whole.
This illustration shows that food provided by plants for us is eaten, > our waste product, which is food for creatures is broken down, > that broken down product is food that plants use to grow, > plants grow and provide food for us which is eaten………….the system become whole, there is no end.
This system completes the loop, (where as our current chosen system, cuts the loop)
Where a system goes full circle to feed itself, a cycle of life is established.

And now the full meaning of the strange title of “Holy Crap…….who knew?” is explained.
The costs associated with this Proof of Concept system are:

  • 2 x Bath tubs (2nd hand) $50
  • 8 x Star pickets $64
  • Shade Cloth – $60
  • Timber/screws – $20
  • 5 x 20 L. buckets (trade waste) – Free
  • Toilet seat – $10
  • Toilet brush/dish brush – $5
  • Watering can – $10
  • 1000 worms – $50
  • Green waste mulch – Free (can just use soil and other organic material)
  • 7’x 5’ Trailer of sawdust – $10
  • Grass clippings – Free
  • Basket – $10 of materials lying around
  • Cardboard – Free
  • Shredded paper – Free
  • TOTAL = $289


This Proof of Concept experiment provides proof that each day we have the potential to fix the planet in a rather simplistic but essential way.

Every single person as fellow housemates of our Earthly home, following God’s design, can pay recompense for our unruly tenancy and give something back with value to the next people that will be new tenants of this Earth.

If one person can provide nearly half a tonne/year of converted dead soil and poo into an enriched material to be given back to the Earth, imagine how quickly we could all fix this planet!


Footnote: I you like this sort of discovery of how to design, create and live in your passions using God’s methods, check out:

HOLY CRAP…..who knew! Pt.1

A strange title perhaps?  We’ll get to that.

For those that know me well, will know that I have enjoyed building ever since Lego’s as a little kid and anything else that I could find laying around to make something out of.   This passion continued through into young teenage years building huts in the bush on holidays and eventually led on to spending 30+ years so far of my adult life in the building and construction industry as a carpenter.  In that time I’ve got to see and construct some amazing places designed by some very impressive and creative architects.
I would have to say though, that my favorite architect that I believe wins the Architect of the Year Award every year without a doubt, would have to be God!

Continue reading “HOLY CRAP…..who knew! Pt.1”