MENTAL ILLNESS – An alternative view, (Part 1)

Crazy, Mad, Insane!
It’s quite common to hear these types of words used in retail sales advertising. Retailers describing their wares that are at well below the “normal” prices that a sane person would sell them at, in an attempt to entice people looking for a bargain.  

However, these words originate from stigmatic labels that often shame and ostracize people with serious mental illnesses, insinuating that they are far from “normal” (from the World’s perspective).

An example of advertising used mockingly of Mental Illnesses

While there is growing awareness that Mental Illness issues are becoming increasingly common these days, there is evidence of its existence throughout the history of mankind. The extent of the condition can vary from mild (anxiety or depression) to serious (psychotic episodes), where the person becomes a potential harm to themselves or others and requires separation from general society.
In all cases, a reduced quality of life is the result for the sufferer, which often affects those close to them also.

There have been some inroads into treatment and attitude changes in regards to Mental Illness issues over the decades. However, if the issue is on the improve, it seems strange that more and more money is injected into the problem each year, which suggests that it is not on the improve.

For instance:
In the US, $225.1 billion was spent on Mental Health in 2019 and has been rising each year.(1)
In Australia, $2.3 billion, was budgeted for the 2021-2022 financial year, the largest in budgeting history.(2)
The previous financial year budget was for $1.45 billion.(3)

It may seem supportive to input large amounts of money into an issue, but how effective will that be if the efforts taken are not addressing the CAUSE of the issue?

What if the Mental Illness issue is not actually mental?
What if the current fields of scientific and medical research are missing a large chuck information? A solution will never arise.
To fix a problem, you need all the information, regardless of whether you find it hard to accept or not; to test it, measure the results and discover the truth of it.
If it is in fact the truth, it will always have a positive (loving) outcome for all involved.

So, let’s take a deeper look.


According to the American Psychiatric Association: (4)

“Mental illnesses are health conditions involving changes in emotion, thinking, or behaviour (or a combination of these). Mental illnesses are associated with distress and/or problems functioning in social, work or family activities.”

These can range from:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Schizophrenia
  • Dis-associative Personality Disorder (formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder)
  • PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Paranoia
  • ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)
  • Dementia

………and increasingly, many others

There is a wealth of information currently available on mental health issues from the World’s scientific and medical perspectives, however, virtually all focus on the EFFECTS.  The information in this article will not be spending time on the specific types of illnesses, rather aiming to focus on the CAUSES that create those EFFECTS.

There are volumes that could be written on this subject matter, however, this article is intended to be introductive only, to highlight missing information in order to correctly assess a problem, to achieve permanent & effective solutions.


To tackle the Mental Illness problem, we would have to come to an understanding of what is actually going on. This would require an understanding of the “bigger picture of life” and how it works.
To find out how something works, you would have to get the perspective of the person who created the thing (life) seeing it was their creation.
This would mean having to get God’s perspective on how the world/universe/and us works/; how it is all connected and how we interact in this creation.

Religions have been the self-professed authorities on God for thousands of years and have hindered rather than helped in this pursuit, whilst essentially character assassinating God to be a temperamental and punishing figure/entity.   (which is really a description of Man’s own condition…not God’s)
This has resulted in turning people away from discovering more about God and therefore, answers to the “bigger picture” questions faulter.

Another avenue of discovery about how God created things, is Science.
Science is essentially an endeavour to discover the Laws that govern life.
This is a method based on trial and error. Given the complexity of the Universe and God’s greatest creation, “us”, discoveries have occurred at a slow pace.
Science’s primary focus is on the Physical Universe (only a portion of life), which is limiting, therefore only finding limited amounts of new discoveries about the broader subjects of life.

Another method of discover is from someone who has experienced and continues to have a personal relationship with God. For that person/s to relay what they have discovered of God and the bigger picture, by the experience of that relationship.
That person/s can then explain many things to help others discover Truths of the Universe that God has created and how things work.
Additionally, such a person/s would also share how others can also develop that same personal relationship with God to find out Truths for themselves, which eventually is the most direct and best method to discover how things that God has created, work.
A fantastic source can be found here: (5)
Secrets of the Universe, Session 1 – Part 1
Secrets of the Universe, Session 1 – Part 2
Secrets of the Universe, Session 2 – Part 1
Secrets of the Universe, Session 2 – Part 2


We are born, have a range of experiences, then we die.
This is the way the majority of the world views the idea of Life.
However there is more to us than just the physical and therefore the physical life.
Example: In our physical life we are all desirous for love.
Love is not something physical.
It is a feeling and an expression, to both give and receive; something beyond the 5 senses.
When a person that we love dies, our love for them doesn’t just automatically cease when their physical form ceases. It is still felt, it still exists, it continues on.
Love is beyond the physical; it continues on which means we must be too, so there must be more to discover.

If there is more to us than the physical, what happens when the physical dies off?
Who are we, where are we, what are we?

We still exist, but in a different form called the Spirit form.
Much like (but not the same as) water going through a phase change; water turns into water vapour given a specific set of circumstances. You may not be able to see the water, yet it still exists in another form with supporting evidence to prove it.

Upon the change of existence from the physical to the spirit form, a body still exists (called the spirit body) intact with the same thoughts, beliefs, ideas, desires, & feelings that were present while in the physical body. The location of where you live/exist is just different.

People often think death is so traumatic and avoid the subject ferociously, thus never learning the truth about it.
Often people who have made the change (death event from the physical to the spirit form) are completely unaware that a change has even occurred. This shows God’s care for us in his design, for the transition to be virtually seamless, not traumatic. 

I have illustrated tangible evidence before in the blog post – “Corona Virus – an alternative view”, of both the physical body and the spirit body co-existing while living on Earth. if you would like some more brief information on this to help you recognize your own spirit body existence, click on the link above.

I have not mentioned God’s greatest creation which is the Human Soul….the real “us”, the core of who we are, with passions, desires, feelings, emotions, instincts, intentions, motivations, aspirations, memories, free-will, conscience….. etc.
Our physical and spirit bodies are subordinate and are the effects of what is going on within our Soul. Therefore, our physical and spirit bodies are not that important, if they are just displaying effects.
Fix issues in the Soul and automatically issues within the physical and spirit bodies will also repair. More on that can also be found at the above link.

Further discovery on the cause of Mental Illness cannot proceed WITHOUT the understanding that people still exist and live on after (supposed) death.
To find out how this links into Mental Illness, read on.


The first gift that God gave to man (humankind) upon incarnation to the Earth, is that of Free-will.
With this gift also comes a level of responsibility of how the individual “chooses” to use that gift.
A person has the choice to use the gift in ways that are considerate, caring, loving and also respectful of other’s use of the gift, or ways that are selfish, controlling, domineering and even quite evil.
As a result, Earth is a collective of all different degrees of people’s condition of Love.

How you have used that gift of Free-will when on Earth, will determine the location that you go to upon passing from the physical to the spirit form. It doesn’t matter how loving or good you “believe” that you were on Earth, it is determined by how you have used that gift of Free-will in regards to Love and associated actions or in-actions from God’s perspective of Love….not your own. 
Your “condition of Love” determines your Spirit World location/place of existence. The location itself, exposes the TRUE condition of Love, NOT your own perceived one. The location and its corresponding environment, perfectly reflects the development of Love within the individual. 

The Spirit World (among an infinite number of things) is a place fostering the correction of Love, not a place of punishment as many religions like to profess.
There are different locations / spheres of existence, separated by boundaries of Love. Therefore (in God’s loving design) people who choose not to Love and continue to choose to be evil to others are separated from those that choose to want to Love others.
Like attracts like. Every sphere of existence is a place of relative harmony with others of the same type of feelings and beliefs in that location.
Murderers and with murderers. Rapist are with Rapist. Thieves with thieves. Kind people with kind people.

The lowest sphere (given a number as the 1st sphere) is in the darkest condition of Love.
There are graduations of Love within each sphere until specific issues about Love and Truth are learned in the heart. Eventually once lessons of that location are learned, a spirit person progresses to the next sphere, where the new location is vastly more beautiful than the previous.
This beauty in the location is a reflection of the improvement in Love within the person. The development of Love also causes the appearance of the spirit body to become more beautiful.
Therefore, Love developed in the heart is the factor that causes the condition of beauty that then matches the location.

People / spirits from a higher condition / location of Love (in God’s loving design) are able to visit the lower spheres of existence and try and help those that are not as developed in Love.
The people in the lower condition are not able to visit the next higher sphere of existence because their lack of development in Love does not permit them too (in God’s Loving framework of Laws).


For many millennia the Earth has degraded into a dark condition of Love. This is evident of the continuous cycles of greed, violence, inequality, fear, oppression, with pain and suffering being a daily existence for many.
This degraded condition of Love is in fact in harmony with the darker conditions of existence of the spirit world, and this consequently means that the Earth is in the same 1st sphere condition. Like attracts like.

As mentioned before, in the spirit world, the boundaries of Love “protect” those who’s desire it is to improve in Love, from those who choose to Love less.

The BIG problem here is that the Earth’s collective condition of Love is in a parallel condition to the lowest spheres of Love in the Spirit World. This means that there is no protection from spirits with dark or evil intent from intermingling with Earth. The door is open.

Protection could be corrected by the people on Earth improving their individual and therefore the collective condition of Love, and the Earth progressing in Love to a 2nd sphere condition. This would mean that every individual would have to change and desire to Love better and gain an education in what God’s Love is and does. This could take quite some time, (multiple generations) and this is where the goal should be. 
At least this is a part of the goal for those (14) that have returned to earth, to share with mankind.

Another BIG problem is the ignorance of spirits existence (by those on Earth) which provides those darker spirits with a cloak of invisibility to intermingle and cause disruptions and interference with people on Earth.

Additionally, another even LARGER compounding problem is that most people upon passing into the Spirit World pass into the 1st sphere, due to a lack of education and development in Love while on Earth. Many can be in this place for hundreds and sometimes thousands of years and not progress in Love.
If you consider for a moment with a huge spike in World population over the past 50-60 years, this means that an extraordinary amount of people have been, and are continuing to enter into the 1st sphere upon passing. Consequently, this equates to an increasing potential for what you may call an invasion on Earth of Spirit influence.

Hence, without the understanding of the spirit influence, an increase in Mental Illness issues will continue to rise as it has been since records started.


This article on providing an alternative view into Mental Illness, was intended to be a single piece article.
In an attempt to try to keep this article brief, yet still provide enough information to bring clarification to the Mental Illness issue, it is not going to be possible to reach that goal with a single article given the depth of the problem.
So with that in mind, what you have just read is Part 1 of now a five-part series.

Stay tuned for Part 2.

(1) US spending on Mental Health in 2019
(2) Australian Mental Health budget for 2021-2022 financial year
(3) Australian Mental Health budget for 2020-2021 financial year
(4) American Psychiatric Association
(5) Divine Truth

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