The Crucifix, the Rabbit and the Egg

Easter… comes around again.

For some, it’s the one of those two times a year that is seems obligatory to go to Church in order to maintain the Christian status and supposedly keep in God’s favor.
For the Chocolate manufacturers, it’s the time of year where the mega profits can be made with the price per gram of chocolate at an absurd high.
For others it is the joy of another holiday…YAY!

How did it start?
What is it really about?
How did Jesus’ exciting new discovery for mankind that man lives on after the body dies – morph into symbolizing a crucifix of death.
How did a man (Jesus) who developed a personal relationship with God to the point of receiving so much Love from God that he became Godlike in essence –  morph into an Easter Bunny being the entity of focus on the event? (It would make more sense to create the Easter Chicken to tie in with the egg thing).
How did crucial eternal life-giving information that nourishes a person’s soul – morph into excitement to have the taste buds tantalized but for a moment, in the form of an egg shaped chocolate?


Growing up as a Christian (Catholic) up until my teenage years I didn’t pay much attention in church, and in general found it to be repetitive year in year out (I don’t think I was alone that feeling).
Nothing seemed to change.
The church that we attended was new, modern and unique as far as churches go. It had large clear class windows around three sides. My boredom had me looking out of the windows most of the time.
I saw more of God’s workings out of the windows of the church. I observed that the trees, shrubs and other vegetation outside the windows grew broader and taller and go through the seasons of change over the years that I was attending church. That different bird life would be attracted to the trees as the seasons changed. That I myself had progressed intellectually at school over the years and my body had changed.
However, all of those years at church with the same ceremonies, same rituals, same stand up, sit down routines, and repeated year after year, seemed to be devoid of growth that I observed elsewhere.

The only time my interest was piqued, was at specific readings (they were the only thing that changed each week) where I could try and see if I could connect to the point that was being made about love, or kindness, or truth and compare my own thoughts or actions against the same as a yardstick of where I was at.

They spoke of Jesus quite kindly; he seemed like a good guy.  But they spoke of God in a good light sometimes and then other times as if he was a tyrant and wanted blood.
I would sometimes compare my own Father’s character against what they would say God was like, and even my Father wouldn’t do some of the things that God would do!
It doesn’t leave any room to aspire to something higher and greater when the “authorities on God” are describing Gods’ character as no better than mans.

School was my only comparison that I had to Church. School was a place of learning and advancing each year. A place where we were given information, got to interact with it, were able to ask questions and given examples and tests to see if we understood the information as was presented.

Church was different. You couldn’t put your hand up to ask a question for fear of being chastised, and possibly extracted if you persisted.
There was no method to gauge if you were understanding what was being presented.
You were talked at, rather than taught.

It just didn’t work for me.
I could see how from my own experience that people eventually lose hope of finding more. More about Love, more about how to determine Truth, more about discovering yourself in relation to those things, more about how the World works and more truthful information about the character and nature of the creator of all of those things – God.
When the “authorities on God” don’t provide anything that the soul’s thirst quenches for, people drift off in many of other directions.

Some resign to fear about going anywhere else to look for Truth and instead stick with institutions that hold the symbol of torture and death (the Crucifix) as their flag that identifies the Christian religion.

Some drift off and manufacture/feign happy fuzzy feelings and use imaginary entities such as a fat guy in a red suit or Fuzzy Rabbit as a bringer of gifts, because of no real truth provided to them by churches to connect personally to God – who is the true beholder of gifts of value.

Some drift onto symbolism and use an egg signifying a source of life, dis-illusioned by the churches effort to explain what Jesus taught. However, an egg alone is not that exciting/memorable. A chocolate egg is far more palatable, morphing Easter into National Chocolate Day on the calendar…….at least that’s how I signified Easter.


2000 years ago, many Truths were brought to mankind by Jesus.
These included most importantly how to have Loving relationships with each other. If each individual could learn this, the world could be Heaven on Earth.
Jesus discovered about what Loving relationships were by his own experience of desiring and engaging a personal relationship with God (not via a religion) and was able to relay by teaching and being a living personal example to mankind, what God’s Love does compared to what it does not do.
In essence, teaching mankind how they can also obtain a personal relationship and experiences with God directly, and don’t need any intermediaries, simply by desiring in their hearts to know the Truths from God, that many gifts will be brought to the seeker.

Even after his murder, he taught of life continuing after death of the physical body by appearing to a great number of people by manifesting different physical bodily appearances.
Additionally and just as importantly, he was also teaching in this, how to recognize a person by their character, not just their looks or their words. The necessity to feel the person. The same way that the relationship with God is to be established.


The teachings went on with some degree of accuracy for about one hundred years. These teachings were popular with people because a soul searching for Love and Truth is naturally drawn to God’s Love and God’s Truth, which Jesus engendered and was teaching of.
Over that time, people continued to follow the importance of connecting to the source (God), the teachings therefore remained all the same because they came from the same source and were consistent in their nature.
Healings in that time (that are now not understood and missing from Earth today) of physical deformities were able to be conducted on people, to provide them with a better quality of life. Many gifts were afforded to people who had Faith of the heart in God’s goodness and had felt the feeling of Love from God personally to know it.

Persecutions of the followers of Christianity began in the Roman Emperor Nero’s (1) reign in mid/late part of that first one hundred years. Personal emotions kick in when under attack and doubts/fear start to creep into cracks in beliefs that have not entered the heart, thus faith of the mind rather than faith of the heart begins to want to take front seat.

This is the Mini Morph – When the Truth (God’s Truth) is not emotionally accepted in the heart, and is only a belief of the mind, it is easily replaced by whatever the fear says.
It is in this state, fear is honored on the specific issue that triggers the fear and Love goes out of the window.


With persecutions of Christians continuing on through the next couple of centuries in varying levels of intensity, Christianity continued but went more underground into secrecy to avoid being persecuted.
Often to establish if you were of Christian faith, (from what I understand; someone must have told me because I wasn’t there and it’s not in Wikipedia) if you wanted to connect with another Christian perhaps on the street, during casual conversation, a Christian person during the conversation would casually use their foot and mark an arch in the sand/dirt. The other if they were a Christian would be aware of this casual marking and mark a corresponding arch, which looks like the symbol of a fish. This would indicate that they were safe to have a conversation with each other about their faith. The symbol would be casually scrubbed out during the conversation as to not leave evidence.


This symbol was referred to later as Ichthys – evolving from the Greek word for Fish.
Possibly a more worthy symbol for Christianity than a Crucifix.
Symbolizing courage, fortitude and faith to continue sharing the new teachings about God that would benefit every soul despite violent opposition and torturous death as a consequence.

Up until 4th century, the Christian problem would not go away despite all the savage executions. The threat of death had always been the way for tyrants of the World to manipulate and control people. However, with the teachings that Jesus provided about life continuing after death, Christians could not be manipulated as easily as other religions/people. This made them a powerful force that the Roman Emperor Constantine (2) and previous Emperors could not make go away by trying to kill them out. With the Roman Empire becoming fractured with constant uprisings of religious fighting, Constantine incorporated Christianity as the Roman religion.
This however was not simply just a case of accepting it as how Jesus taught it. Scribes of various existing prominent religions were given the task of going over the Christian scriptures pulling parts out that they didn’t understand, inserting ideals from other religions in, which then form an amalgamation of what is known as the Bible.
Some of the most important teaching were left out, which included how to establish a personal relationship with God and becoming at-one with how God feels on all issues. The religious scribes did not want this, because it would create a loss of power over the people if the people were told this truth. 

This is the Macro Morph – How the Truth is bent by one person and/or an organization for personal gain or control over the masses.

The Roman Emperor Constantine’s political way of seeing things was – If you can hijack (in the guise of accepting) the most powerful religious following (that you can’t manipulate and control by centuries of trying to kill them out), you grasp control of that power, thus enabling control over the people.

Religion and State have historically been the ones that have wanted to control people for their own selfish gains. Peoples FEAR is the common denominator here that is manipulated to gain that power. If people learned the Truth and worked to remove their fear via God’s method, then upon being free of that fear, they cannot be manipulated on that specific issue.
Case in point: When the early Christians discovered and experienced a personal relationship with God and felt the Truth that you never die, threats of death had no controlling or manipulative effect upon them.


From humble beginnings Jesus shared “The Way” with mankind about how to discover the Truth about all things via engaging in a heartfelt personal relationship with God; a singular simply way.
Currently to this day (2000 + years later), there are supposedly over 40,000 versions of Christian religions in existence!
What the points of difference are I don’t know. However, there is potentially:
40,000 versions of Truth. 40,000 versions of Love. 40,000 versions of what God is like.
And keep in mind, that’s just the Christian religions!

This is the Mega Morph – When the singular simply way to discover the Truth about God becomes 10’s, 100’s, 1000’s of versions now manifested.

This is how warped the morphing of God’s Love and God’s Truth becomes when people “decide” what the “truth” is about things that God created, rather than asking the actual creator.
Truth then becomes: “Whatever I choose it to be that doesn’t confront my idea of myself or what I want to do or believe”.
Love then becomes: “Getting what I want that makes ME feel happy is Me being loved”.

The divisions get larger and larger. One of the qualities of Love is that Love unifies, not divides.
This amount of division should raise not one, but 2 eyebrows in a least one of 40,000 Christian Religions if they are interested in Truth.
If Truth is the doorway to Love, then something is very wrong with Truth to cause this much division. 


The above has been a path from pure beginnings, to the twisting and manipulation of original teachings until the Truth is near impossible to find.
Without the truth of how to find God (the source of everything), without the answers about life, mankind floats about like a rudderless ship just waiting around to crash into something and be hurt or just eventually rot and sink.

Fortunately, there is a lighthouse.
(ironically, that is how Jesus looks to spirits when they see him compared to the light of the average person on Earth today)
This light as seen by the spirit body’s eyes is a reflection of acquirement of God’s Love and Truth within the soul that radiates outward.
The teachings of Divine Truth are a record of the same teachings that were presented by the same soul that was sharing them in the 1st Century – Jesus.
Predominantly how to have a personal relationship with God, what is currently blocking that relationship, method to remove those blocks, and then being open to be taught directly by God about the truth’s of the Universe rather than by ones who claim to be “an authority on God”.
There are others (13, minus1 deceased) of us that have also come to share God’s Truth that we have learned over the past 2 millennia from God about different subjects that will be of benefit to a wide range of people and of different interests. While the information will all be different, they will all contain the same core of Love and Truth as per God’s perspective, because we have all been taught by the same teacher.
For the others of us, we are a bit slower off the mark.

If the Absolute Truth, God’s personal Truth is not embraced on Earth, then all we will be left with is morphed relics like: Crucifix’s, Rabbits and Eggs.


(1) If you would like to know about the personal experience of the Roman Emperor Nero upon entering the Spirit World click here
(2) If you would like to know about the personal experience of the Roman Emperor Constantine upon entering the Spirit World click here

The changelings of both of these spirits were received by James Padgett in the early 20th century.
These texts and hundreds more were made complimentary available by the Divine Truth website:

Images provided by: Pixabay, Can Stock Photos, & photo images taken at Big W store of stocked items not purchased.

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