Have you ever misplaced your car keys at home, and then when upon searching for the keys eventually found them in a place that you would not normally leave them, such as the fridge?  If I had never ventured looking outside of the “normal” places I suspected that my keys would be, I would never have found them.

The same applies to illnesses and diseases.  To find a “cure” for Coronavirus and all other illnesses and diseases that affects the human body, it currently seems “normal” to look to the human body for what the cause of susceptibility to the illness or disease is.  But what if there is something far more to the human body than we currently believe?

What if the body is the instrument that simply shows the effects of some other cause, which is greater than the realm of our belief of “normal”?
The discovery of my keys looking outside the “normal” had a minor benefit to my life. To look outside the “normal” into human sickness and health can have a dramatic impact on mankind.
So let’s take a look!


If the body is the real us and the body dies, then we no longer exist, right? Yes and no actually.

Yes, when the Physical part has either worn out or suffered severe trauma, it can no longer function and expires, decays and turns back into matter that essentially formed it. So the body itself no longer exists.

And No, the true Us that has a sense and awareness of ourselves, continues to live on in another body that has co-existed with our Physical Body since birth, called the Spirit Body.

To give some examples of your Spirit Body’s existence:

  • You are experiencing it when you someone walks up close to, yet not touch you and sometimes we may ask them to get out of our space. Our Spirit Body is larger than our Physical Body, and this infringement that we are feeling is the sensation from their Spirit Body touching ours.
  • Or when someone tries to sneak up on you, and because your Spirit Body is larger than your Physical Body, your Spirit Body senses alerts you to their presence.
  • Or you often hear of an amputee who says that they have the feeling of a phantom limb, when they have lost a limb, but what they are experiencing is the energy of Spirit Body limb which is un-harmed.
  • Or when you go to sleep because the Physical Body needs to rest, you spend time in your Spirit Body in the Spirit World/Universe having experiences in what are commonly called dreams. Ever had a scary dream and escaped back into your Physical Body to escape the situation you were in and woken up in a fright? Ever had dreams that feel as if they were real; because they were real experiences that you had, but in your Spirit Body. When you do die, and then have and existence in the Spirit World, you will be familiar with many of the places that you’ve visited in that 1/3 (sleep) of your Earth life.

The real Us has a lot more going on than just the Physical Body. For instance, the Spirit Body contains the mind which functions the brain. The Spirit Body energizes the Physical Body’s systems in all areas often noted as Chakras. Chakras are of the Spirit Body, not the Physical Body.  There are strings or lines of energy going out and coming into the Spirit Body in interactions with other people. You can actually feel this if you want to be aware of when you are giving or taking energy to or from another person.
There is an energetic chord that connects the spirit body to the Physical body called “the Silver Chord”. When this is severed, the Physical body dies. It cannot be reversed.
There is some awareness in people of the Spirit Body existence and there are literally volumes to write about the Spirit Body but another time, because there is more!
The Spirit Body is not the real Us either. It is a vehicle in which to experience the Spirit World and made of a different lighter type of matter than the heavy and coarse matter of the Physical World.
The real Us is the Soul.
This is more difficult to explain, but you will recognize the Soul by its qualities and attributes, such as:

  • Emotions,
  • Instincts,
  • Passions,
  • Feelings,
  • Intentions,
  • Aspirations,
  • Desires,
  • Freewill,
  • Memories,
  • Experiences,
  • Natural love for fellow man,
  • Conscience……….to name a few.

These things are the real Us.
The active energy of the Soul is expressed through the Spirit Body and the Physical Body (in that sequence) via words, thoughts and actions that originated in the Soul. The Soul is the source of everything that makes you, you. The average person today is numbed down to many of the Souls qualities and attributes due to a large range of unexpressed Fears.

The soul is designed (by God) to allow feelings to pass through it/you, experiencing all emotions, discovering the truth about yourself and the world, causing growth. This is what you see infants/young children do quite naturally, with both joyful experiences and painful experiences.
As we get a little older and living in a world that values intellect over emotions, we begin to shut down to our emotional self, our Soul, blocking that energy in motion (e-motion) that provides healthy energy to our Spirit Body, which affects the functioning of our Physical Body.
We end up looking for answer to problems that affect our Physical Body, in an intellectual type of way, rather than an emotional way, not aware that the source of the problem is Soul based.

This minuscule description that I have given of the Soul’s existence and inter-relationship with the world (that of which is so important), can be enlarged by checking out a detailed description by Jesus in a talk called Secrets of the Universe –

20090926 session 1 Pt1.

20090926 session 1 Pt2.

20090927 session 2 Pt1.

20090927 session 2 Pt2.

To illustrate the point being made.

Material Body Reference

If you have a belief that what you are is only Physical in nature, then there is a limited amount that you will be open to seeing upon looking for answers to Physical issues. You will only be seeing 1/3 of the picture, but believing that you seeing the whole thing.

So essentially, you will see this as a whole picture of an ocean and cloudy sky.

Spirit Body Reference

If you have an awareness of a Spiritual Body that co-exists with your Physical Body you will see issues and ailments in a broader understanding of what is going on, and begin to make linkages with the source of energy beyond the Physical.

You will begin to see more of the picture and making more truthful discoveries of what the mysteries might be.

Soul Reference

If you have discovered how God has designed you (a Soul) to work and discovered a framework of Laws that God put in place that are all designed to lead towards Love, peace, fulfillment, joy, you will then also begin to understand that certain Laws must have been broken about Love when pain, illness, disease, or accidents occur.

You will be able to investigate problems personally and emotionally and discover answers based on the full picture, of who you are and how you work, rather than focusing on 1/3 of the picture (the Physical Body) which is essentially the sounding board of the Soul.

The “Cause” of all disease and illness originates in the Soul and the “Effects” of that cause can be seen/observed in disturbances of the health of the Spirit and Physical Bodies.

So how does all of this relate to Coronavirus?


Armed with a wider field of view, it’s time to take a look at the alternative to what the world is looking at in regards to Coronavirus or more specifically, the current strain – COVID-19!

Let’s start with God.

God created everything in the known Universe from personal feelings of Love. When God created Us he gave us our first gift – the Gift of Free Will. (many more available when we use the first gift in harmony with God’s Love)
God also created a framework of Laws that govern the whole Universe which encompasses the Physical, Spirit and Soul Universes…and I suspect more than that.
The Laws are self-governing and designed to ensure that everything in the Universe runs smoothly and that all life is cherished, valued and provided for, hence offering a Loving environment for all.

When God decided to give us the gift of Free-Will, it also comes with great responsibility on how it is used. When we use the gift, (or it could be said that when our Soul makes choices) if the intention is something that is out of harmony with God’s definition of Love, then negative effects will manifest. Pain and suffering and degradation will occur.
When used in harmony, positive effects will manifest, often greater than even expected. Joy, faith and growth will occur, and more gifts are provided.
In short, the Law of Cause and Effect is thus briefly explained. What you sow, you will reap in kind.
For an excellent informative description of the workings of the Law of Cause & Effect by Jesus, can be found here –

20111204 Session 1
20111204 Session 2

IMPORTANT NOTE: God doesn’t create illnesses and diseases.
Our soul when it is out of harmony with God’s Laws creates illnesses and diseases. Illness and disease are an effect to alert us that our Soul has some false emotional beliefs that need our personal attention to guide us back to Love and health.

God didn’t make it impossible to find the Cause of a problem, because the Effects will help expose the Cause.

In regard to COVID-19, what are the facts and effects:

  • It involves everyone on the planet, not just a nation, a culture, a gender, but everyone. So from a Soul perspective, the Cause must be based on some issue that we all agree on.
  • While the strain is considered a new one, it is linked to a series of other previous viruses (Mers, Sars) that affect the respiratory system
  • Effecting people predominantly beyond 60 years of age
  • Effecting males more than females in that age category
  • Considered to be a zoonotic (transfer from animal to human) based virus
  • Epicenter of the virus considered to be the Wet markets in Wuhan, China.
  • In the past 25 years there have been outbreaks of Mad-cow disease, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, Hendra virus, MERS, SARS, COVID-19 (Bird and swine Flu also effect the respiratory system)
  • COVID-19 symptoms can be quite mild (barely noticeable), therefore is easily spread
  • Shut-down the world’s economy which is the usual prime focus of life activities
  • Panic buying and hoarding of food (long term things like flour, sugar, pasta, canned food and toilet paper!)
  • Vegetable seedlings and seed suppliers sold out
  • People have to self-isolate
  • No pubs, shopping, sports, cinemas, gyms, cafes, restaurants, libraries, church, schools, events or gatherings of people
  • Many people suspended from doing their jobs
  • Children stay home with parents and get to experience that relationship on a longer time scale
  • Couples spend more time with each other
  • Bigotry towards people from China
  • Conspiracy theories develop (expressions of personal un-felt fear without facts)
  • International and state borders closed
  • Skies in cities become smog free for first time in decades
  • People agitated at authority being told to stay at home and at social distancing
  • International and local Air traffic is suspended
  • Wars between countries have been forced to stop

From the above effects of the virus, and keeping in mind of God’s Laws in operation (namely the Law of Love, Law of Cause and Effect, Law of Attraction and Law of Compensation), I feel that there are a number of things going on here than simply the virus where all the attention is at.


There is an opportunity being offered to the World here.
The world and people’s lives seem to have become busier and have less time, yet with more convenience than ever before being available.
The real loss in the current world is, quality time. Personal reflection time. Quiet time. Connection time to our Soul and to others. To discover what really matters to us. To feel what we really want. To examine our past, and current choices and if they were from Love or from Fear and gauging the outcomes.

What has the COVID-19 event, created by the collective Soul condition of people in the world highlighted?

  • Time has been offered to the world for reflection, which we don’t normally make for ourselves.
  • Jobs have been lost, but was the job a person’s passion, or just a means to an end.
  • Time has been made to spend with your children to get to know them and you.
  • Relationships have the chance to focus on the relationship and discover if it is from love or need.
  • Chance to see the emotional responses that are in us when we get afraid – hoarding, panic buying, blaming, demanding, expectations on others, anger.
  • Pleasure activities have been taken away, that help us to avoid ourselves; pubs, clubs, competitive sport, shopping, cafes, festivals, concerts, travel etc. or to be specific, personal addictions are no longer able to be met.
  • Chance to focus on what’s really important to us, now that the economy has taken back seat.
  • To discover how reliant we are on others for our food, our water, our health.
  • To see how much burden and expectation we put on others such as health workers to heal us rather than we take responsibility for our Soul health in which we can self-heal at a (Soul) Causal level where every illness and disease has an emotional signature rather than (Material Body) Effects level.
  • Having to learn skills of how to cook and feed ourselves, now that we can’t rely on cafes, restaurants and fast food outlets to feed us.
  • Chance for the religious to see if they need a Church as an intermediary between themselves and God.
  • To observe what happens in the natural environment when man’s activities are drastically reduced.

This COVID-19 event, has been attracted to the World, to provide opportunity to change!

To give us time to reflect, to facilitate that change.

It is an event that is large enough to get everybody’s attention, and if it’s that large then it is serious!

Consider this. For decades we’ve been warned that we are on a path of self-destruction on this planet, yet if we are honest with ourselves, will still want what we want and don’t care about what the damage is. During this shut-down people are often asking, “how long will it be before things can get back to normal?”

If life before this event was considered “normal” and that was self-destruction, then what inside of us would choose that? It seems illogical to the mind, however the mind is subordinate to the Soul – which needs exploring.

The Law of Attraction would deem that if this event doesn’t inspire some change, then a far more serious event will be attracted for current destructive actions to be addressed and corrected. Not in another hundred years, 50 or 10, but in line with the rapidity of the destruction of this planet.

God’s Law of Attraction as explained by Jesus is well worth checking out.
20120707 Session 1 Pt.1
20120707 Session 1 Pt.2
20120708 Session 2 


In the recent past there have been other viral outbreaks that have caught world’s attention.
Such as:

  • Swine Flu
  • Mad-cow disease
  • Bird Flu

What makes these interesting is that it brings attention to these particular animals (could have been any others) that are also largely cultivated for human consumption. Additionally, the link that the diseases that they harbored are zoonotic in nature – transferable from animal to human.
God’s Laws are always trying to tell us about something that we are doing that is out of harmony with Love. When pain is occurring to us or others (including animals), we need to take note.
Man seems to want to have dominion over animals rather than seeing them as our ally in the importance of our life’s existence. Very few animals can defend themselves against Man.
Could viruses passed on from animals to humans be a natural defense system against attack from Man? A defense to protect against potential species extinction, as an effect from Man choosing to use animals as a food source?

What is also of interest in following the links, is the source location of the COVID-19 virus outbreak.
It could have been anywhere, but is happened to be at a place that illustrates Man’s true feelings about the purpose of animals. There was notable public and media backlash (mainly from the Western World) to the activities of Wet-Markets in Wuhan, China.

This was mainly due to the markets being a place that often sold live and slaughtered exotic animals for human consumption.  Exotic meaning not the usual (accepted) poultry, livestock and seafood, but other animals such as snakes, bats, dogs, cats, turtles, frogs, monkeys and other animals considered as protected species.

There is a great deal of hypocrisy in this backlash of the Wet-Markets in China.

It’s either OK to kill (all) animals to eat, or it’s not.
The (feelings) backlash is suggesting that it’s not OK, yet the actions (emotional belief that “I need meat to survive”) says that it is OK?

There is a moral dilemma going on here!

According to the Law of Love, all life is valued. This includes ALL animals, large and microscopic. They all have roles in the environment to keep the Earth healthy for plants, other animals, and us.

It is well documented that livestock production as a food source is a major contributor to global warming (greater than is accounted for if you factor in the potential loss that trees provide in the role of Co2 of absorption).
With effects such as:

  • De-forestation
  • Loss of arable land
  • Heating of the earth’s crust exposed to a point of where no soil life can exist
  • Erosion of top soil, loss of vegetation that can absorb carbon
  • Loss of tress that produce oxygen
  • Negative changes to weather patterns……….to name but a few items of degradation

However, the greatest loss here is millions of hectares of habitat for native diversity of animals whose role it is to keep the planet healthy.

The losses to ocean health is also a major concern because of large swathes of sea-life being rounded up and taken from their environment too, much being the victim of by-kill.
Self-education is needed on this (investigation into feelings in the Soul about the belief that a person needs to eat meat to live), and telling the Truth to children about where their food comes from and let them make choices by being informed.
Embarrassingly, it wasn’t until my early 30’s that I still thought that there were certain (dairy) cows just for producing milk! I was more than a little shocked to find out what the process was to keep the cow lactating, and also coming to understand how Veal came about.
If we were equal (as Love is) and we treated humans the same way to get what we wanted as we do to animals, there would be major public protestation.

Due to loss of habitat, it comes as no surprise that animals such as bats who are coming into closer contact with human settlements  (as is the case for many species of animals), is therefore increasing the virus transfer risk, and are not so ironically are the suspected source of the SARS virus (the pre-cursor virus to COVID-19).
It’s a situation that we have created, destroying native animal habitats, so there is bound to be flow on effects (Law of Compensation being brought into action) to raise our awareness that we are causing pain to other life and essentially to ourselves. We’ve had many warnings (Law of Attraction) up until this point.
– Check out the Law of Compensation, Repentance & Divine Forgiveness
20081221 Pt.1
20081221 Pt.2

Causes can be traced through links, using God’s Laws to guide you there. The Law of Love being the highest Law. When pain or damage has occurred, the mark of Love has been missed somewhere.
If it effects the whole world, then it must be something emotionally that the whole world agrees on that is out of harmony with Love.

In case you missed it, the links were:

  • Event of COVID-19 occurs. An effect that causes human deaths and the world pays attention.
  • Effects the whole world, so it must be based on a belief about something that the whole world agrees on.
  • Source of virus points to the Wet Markets in Wuhan, China. Market that supplies animal based food, which the world agrees on.
  • The origin of the virus is believed to be zoonotic in nature. Links the relationship of the virus having something to do between the relationship of animal and man.
  • Public out-cry about the slaughtering of exotic species of animal at markets, world feels it’s wrong and wants these type of markets shut down, yet hypocritically.
  • People panic buy food supplies. Restrictions must occur to keep Love in place so that all may have food.
  • Panic buying actions linking that the virus has to do with emotional beliefs present in people is an issue is about our feeling about food and our survival.
  • World believes need meat to survive.
  • World’s environment is being destroyed to satisfy the demand for meat (a known unsustainable food source).
  • Many events were a pre-cursor to this event. It is not something unsuspected.
  • If no change occurs on the issue of the Love relationship between Man and animals, a worse event will occur to highlight the problem until more attention is paid.


If the Real Us is the Soul, then let’s have a look at another alternative to the World’s perspective (Material Body focus) on the Cause of the COVID-19 virus.

To continue with linking things up using God’s Laws, another interesting point of the COVID-19 virus is that the mortality rate was significantly the highest in the age groups from 60-80+. And the mortality rate increased in line with the age increase.

Of this age group, men are more likely to die from the virus than women.

What is it in our Soul that causes susceptibility to the virus?

The virus itself will provide a link.
In a build-up before the COVID-19 outbreak, there was SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) and MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) which are from the same Coronavirus family. (Law of Attraction events) The Common Cold and the Flu are also from the Coronavirus family.
The respiratory system is effected by all of these.

How do you feel when you have a Cold or the Flu?

  • Physically – Low on energy, sore throat, coughing, congestion, runny nose, chest feels heavy, hard to breathe normally, loss or smell and taste, can’t get a good night’s sleep, don’t want anyone around, eyes feel puffy, look really sad, feel like crap!
  • Emotionally – Heavy, sad, depressed, emotionally exhausted,

The suppression of emotional sadness is a key suspect in all of the Coronavirus family illnesses.
With Coronavirus, an emotional feeling of sadness in the Soul is blocked/prevented from being released (as God designed).  This also reduces the flow of energy in the Spirit Body, in the Heart Chakra area, which reduces the effectiveness of the Material Body to operate effectively and is easily susceptible to illness and disease.

The symptoms of the illness are trying to expose the emotion of the person with the illness.

Much like a weak plant is the most susceptible to disease and attack.

Emotional beliefs about expression of grief and sadness may vary from Country, Culture, Religion, Family, Gender, etc., however the common feeling in the World is that it’s not OK to just cry when you are feeling sad. That it’s only OK for children to cry and less so as they get older.
There are a huge range of emotional beliefs as to why we are blocked to free expression of our grief and sadness.

Notable in the COVID_19 mortality rates, is that those (60 – 80+ age bracket) have had a lot more years to suppress and compound their sadness, making them more vulnerable to the virus. Men are less likely to release their sadness than women which could be the reason why men are dying from the virus more than women.

What are some of the physical experiences when actually allowing the emotions to flow in the expression of grief and sadness:

  • Eyes watering
  • Nose running
  • Mouth dribbling
  • Heaving and loosening of chest cavity & stomach
  • Coughing sometimes
  • Vocalizing the grief
  • Body gets quite warm (due to energy now flowing again that was previously blocked)

What are some of the after effects of releasing the grief and sadness:

  • Lightness in chest
  • Clear in head/mind
  • Feeling of relief
  • Feeling of calm
  • Opened up emotionally to new awakenings
  • Deeper understanding of the source of the sadness
  • Clear on what actions to take next

The Law of Attraction for the world (COVID-19) is letting us know that there is a lot of suppressed sadness in the world.

This shutting down of the World’s “normal” activities and giving us an opportunity/a reprieve from the frenetic buzz that we try and live in to keep us away from our real self (Soul), because if we went and had a look in there, we might find that we are actually quite sad with major parts of our life.

Every sickness has an emotional signature attached to it. To discover the cause of the COVID-19 virus in particular, you would have to find the matching specific sadness or grief feelings existing in the individuals who were susceptible to it.

This study is not considered by the World, therefore the true cure cannot yet be discovered.


When armed with knowledge of the Truth of how God created the real Us along with God Laws to guide us to discover why things happen that bring us pain (and joy), we can then become self-healers thus, self-responsible.

You can’t fix something if you don’t know how it was originally created or have a truthful understanding of the how the systems that guides it works.

Any, or all of the combined above mentioned alternatives about the created event of COVID-19 could be valid. These alternatives are simply my interpretations and opinions of current events.

With the cry from many in the World wanting things to get back to “normal”, it will be interesting to see if the World wants something different than how it was before the Pandemic occurred.
Yet that “normal” before was rapidly destroying this planet. That “normal” creates pain and death; how can we want that?
But we must do, because our actions that cause effects are proving that.

However, there is an alternative!


  1. Thank you for sharing your interpretation on this issue. I have four children and it was a blessing to have them stay at home when all this started and schools were shut down. If it wasn’t for this events I would have not gained the willingness to work on myself to become a more loving person and to desire a relationship with my Soul Creator, my God. It would have taken me longer to realize that I was living with anger and fear and other emotions that I was in denial of (and still have more emotions that I am not aware of) I have come to know and love myself a little bit and to become a little bit self responsible. I have a long ways to go but I know I desire a deep relationship with God and I desire to grow in love and love others the same way God loves me.


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