The Crucifix, the Rabbit and the Egg

Easter… comes around again.

For some, it’s the one of those two times a year that is seems obligatory to go to Church in order to maintain the Christian status and supposedly keep in God’s favor.
For the Chocolate manufacturers, it’s the time of year where the mega profits can be made with the price per gram of chocolate at an absurd high.
For others it is the joy of another holiday…YAY!

How did it start?
What is it really about?
How did Jesus’ exciting new discovery for mankind that man lives on after the body dies – morph into symbolizing a crucifix of death.
How did a man (Jesus) who developed a personal relationship with God to the point of receiving so much Love from God that he became Godlike in essence –  morph into an Easter Bunny being the entity of focus on the event? (It would make more sense to create the Easter Chicken to tie in with the egg thing).
How did crucial eternal life-giving information that nourishes a person’s soul – morph into excitement to have the taste buds tantalized but for a moment, in the form of an egg shaped chocolate?

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