MENTAL ILLNESS – An alternative view, (Part 3)

In Part Two we learned that:

  • Communication with people/Spirits/God occurs beyond the mere physical realm
  • We are often unaware of our methods/reasons for choosing to be disconnected emotionally from ourselves
  • Avoidance of personal fear and pain inside of us leaves us prone to being easily influenced by others


At the centre of the Mental Illness (or really, Emotional illness) issue, is us!
It is the point where change and solutions can be made to Mental Health issues.

The biggest issue inside of us all, is holding onto FEAR.
Fear is the real pandemic of the current World!

We don’t often choose to investigate what we fear.
For Example: Death, the spirit life, emotions, suspected partners infidelity, that our childhood wasn’t as good as we like to believe…… etc.

Ironically, when we do decide to emotionally experience our fear, and feel it to its completion, the fear recedes to the point of removal. We are then left with knowledge and factual understanding – the truth.
This is said in a very simplified way to point out that the antidote to Fear, is Truth (specifically – God’s Truth).

This is an empowered state.

Having the fear “unfelt” “unaware” and residing inside of us, causes so much destruction and misery on Earth.
Destruction to relationships, to others, to ourselves, to the environment, to our planet.

If we were to drill down into FEAR, it is really the Fear of Emotion. In particular, the fear of experiencing painful emotions, most of which were created in our early childhood.


God designed us in a way to allow all of our emotional experiences to pass through us.
We often allow the feelings of pleasant experiences to pass through us however, we try and prevent the full expression of painful experiences. 
With unexpressed painful emotions, we make a purposeful choice to avoid feeling them to their full extent, and as a result they become stuck or frozen inside of us.
It is the lack of flow of the feeling that causes pain. As we choose to feel the emotional hurt the pain fades as it is flowing out.
The pain will never go away until we let the full emotional expression come to its completion.

When we DO allow the full expression, we will still have a memory of the events of the original painful experience (to guide us with future choices) but we won’t have any pain now attached to the memory.
This is the way that God has designed for us, which allows us to have experiences but not get stuck just because the experience was painful. It allows us to move forward in our lives becoming more emotionally open. And as a result, we are also now intellectually informed from the experience, but not taking the pain with us into the future.
Others (including Spirits) are also prevented from manipulating us by our ignorance of personal fears and hurts.

Unfortunately, we don’t opt to deal with our pain the way God has designed.
Because of our fear of experiencing our painful emotions, we numb them down with all sorts of methods. Unfortunately, when we choose to block out the painful experiences, we are tuning down the intensity of all emotional experiences at the same time. This means that even pleasant experiences will be numbed down and not fully experienced either.
Life becomes an exercise of existing/surviving, not living, hence becoming sad.

For instance, the most common considered Mental Illness is called Depression.
Depression is the severe suppression of emotion.
A numbing down of all feelings.
You could say that this is where a large amount of the world’s population is heading, hence growing need for external stimulants and distractions for a delusional sense of inner happiness.
The solution here would be to discover the cause of the sadness and connect emotionally with it rather than dismiss it.
It’s the personal, intimate Truth of what’s hurting inside, being denied from getting out.
Connecting to it and letting it come out, would cause the healing.

Another commonly considered Mental Illness is Anxiety.
Anxiety is Fear that is heightened.
Often the heightening of the fear is due to the presence of a Spirit with the person.
The person starts off with their own fear that they don’t want to feel (which is a point of connection for the Spirit) and the Spirit-person often wants to have power over the person by using manipulative methods to increase the fear in the person.
Or, the Spirit may have the same fear as the person (which causes a mutual attraction to the person), so now the person is aware of their own fear, doubled with the spirits fear, which causes the fear to feel heightened in this way.
As time/years goes on with more fear being added, the anxiety/fear can feel like a building snowball.
At its extreme, anxiety can lead to complete Paranoia.
The solution would be to emotionally allow the fear to be experienced, rather than trying to block it.

Virtually all of our fear was created in our childhood.
Experiencing the current fear, will free the locked-up emotions from the child within.
We are able to make safe, independent choices for ourselves now that we have grown up.
To love the hurt child within, is to allow the acknowledgment and expression of the fears and pains of that child (us).

Sculpture by Alexander Milov, titled – “Love”. Exhibited at Burning Man Festival 2015 (1)


Drugs (prescribed and illicit) and Alcohol are socially accepted methods to avoid our real feelings.
Regardless of the argument of why one type is more socially accepted over another, the emotional motivation to take them (an attempt to avoid our real current emotional state) is the same.
However, this is fraught with greater dangers unseen/dismissed by society, that lead to heavy addictions that can be extremely hard to escape from.

There is an emotional choice here to vacate from ones-self by the use of the drugs or alcohol. Because the person has used their free-will to want to get away from themselves by using the substances, this activates a green light invitation for a Spirit to use/control the body of the person.
As the person gets further away from their real self (further under the influence of the substance) it allows the Spirit more ease of control.

The Spirits’ motivation in this connection is to GET the high/buzz feeling through the person by proxy, by attaching to the person.
These methods of avoiding ones-self are not available in the Spirit life, so dark intentioned Sprits are attracted to the Earth and look for people who can be easily manipulated, due to desperately wanting to get away from their feelings by the use of the alcohol and/or drugs.

How often do you hear people say after a big night out on alcohol or drugs that they “can’t remember” events/behaviour/actions/conversations while under the influence, yet their body was still animated and having experiences.
The “can’t remember” statement is often expressed as a badge of honour of having a great night.
So, who do you think was in control of animating the body in this state?
Who was making the choices of what to do with it?
Who was getting the feelings from the experiences, which quite often involves sex, including violent sex?

I wanted to mention Drugs and Alcohol here while discussing Mental Illnesses (Emotional Illnesses), because it is a big issue that society openly supports as a method of avoiding the real feelings stuck within that are already causing personal pain and suffering.
Unfortunately, the very thing that society accepts is a pathway that leads into deeper issues that exacerbate Mental Illness, leading to further pain and suffering.
Psychotic episodes are but one example where this can lead to.

Many crimes and other atrocities are committed as a result of choosing to use these methods to get away from ones-self.
Ignoring our own person pain and suffering is a form of self-punishment, which in itself, is one of those atrocities.

Picture by Author 2011 – The Road of Self-Punishment


There are also Mental Illness issues such as PSD (Post traumatic Stress Disorder) which has the same emotional choice/decision at the core as the decision to use drugs and alcohol.
The choice to “not want to remember”.

The choice to “not want to remember” is preceded by an emotionally traumatic event that has happened.  The person has not wanted to experience the trauma/terror of that event (surviving it may have been the paramount choice at the time) and is emotionally stuck from the time of the trauma and cannot move forward until the terror inside of them from the event is released.
Having the emotional trauma stuck inside, IS what causes the pain.
A person with issues like PSD will also likely have experiences of Depression, Anxiety and Paranoia.

There are a range of emotional beliefs that the person may believe are Truths here.
Such as:
– to go back and connect emotionally with the event will do more damage,
– it will never go away,
– allowing the feelings will turn you into a crazy person.
However, the opposite is true and is already currently occurring;
– it is currently doing damage,
– it is not going away,
– it is affecting mental, emotional and personal health and destroying a quality of life.

Making the choice to try to block out – “not want to remember” – painful events that were part of our lives, eventually builds up to a point that as we get older can move into a mental state called Dementia, which the most common Mental Illness of this type is labelled as Alzheimer’s.
The choice to vigorously shut out painful events of our lives over such a long period of time, eventually effects the memory as a whole.
It’s impossible to hand-pick a memory to block out without effecting all memories to a higher or lesser degree. Others memories become effected and shut down.

Without a personal investigation into our emotional self, a person is often completely unaware of what events they have blocked out. And often existing in life not understanding why they feel so sad about life.
Or, often they are somewhat aware of painful events and will try to “minimize” the impact that specific events had on their lives, and is having on themselves now and others around them.

Unfortunately, current Mental Illness therapies methods encourage the “Management” of emotions, rather than the healing method of safely experiencing them.
Managing an issue is essentially working “around” the issue as best as you can. You end up “living with” the issue.
This is exhausting, debilitating and definitely not a sustainable solution that affords an improvement of the quality of life.
The process that God designed to remove them, is the only solution (that actually works) and results in a happy and free life.
Our emotional state IS the common denominator of perceived Mental Illnesses.

(1) Alexander Milov:

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