MENTAL ILLNESS – An alternative view, (Part 2)

In Part One, we learned that:

  • Large amounts of money are been thrown at the Mental Illness problem without understanding the cause
  • We need to be educated about the bigger picture of life – beyond the mere physical
  • Mental Illness issues will continually rise without broader perspectives being investigated and data gained


Mental Illness in the majority of cases is caused by an interference/influence/possession of a person on Earth by a Spirit or a group of Spirits, which affects the normal functioning of a person in a stable and coherent manner.
This is quite evident in serious mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and multiple personality disorder.

A number of things are going on here.


God’s Laws allow communication with everyone right across the Universe (governed by the Laws of Love).
God must be outside of the known Universe to have been able to create it.
And because it is possible to have a relationship with God (via feelings -soul to soul – not voice), this essentially means that it’s even possible for communication to reach beyond the known Universe.

This loving provision of Communication allows, but is not limited to:

  • Ability to continue relationships with loved ones that have passed into the Spirit World
  • Learn about Truth from higher Spirits who have advanced in Love
  • To discover what is the purpose of life from the Creator’s perspective
  • Learn of new Laws that are possible to advance all fields of endeavour on Earth, in a Loving way
  • Ability to connect with anyone beyond the limits of time and space, even while limited in a physical body that is bound by time and space
  • For help to be available no matter where you are in the Universe
  • To allow an individual to have a personal relationship with God, and learn the Truth about the Universe from God directly
  • To be able to investigate about the Spirit World because it is the next port of call for everyone
  • Ability to help from the Earth, those in the spirit world that have had no education about it when passing
  • Discovering your personal guardian that God has assigned to you while in the physical form
  • Discovering your spirit guide that is able to assist you in the developing your condition of Love

Communication with others (Spirits/God) who are not in a physical form is a natural ability is open and available to all.
It’s not as if someone is “gifted”, it’s just that some people are less blocked to the ability.
It is also an ability that can be developed.
Communication extends not only to “hearing” (clairaudient) but also to “seeing” (clairvoyant) and “feeling” (clairsentient).

Children are often open to these natural abilities, but have them shut down by parents/adults.
For Example:
A child’s “imaginary friend” – which is a real person in a Spirit body that the parent cannot see, hear, nor feel, and often mocks/chastises the child for acknowledging the existence of the Spirit.
The child feels rejected by the parent when it allows the ability. The child then shuts down the natural mediumistic abilities in order to be accepted [loved] in the family model.

The voices that people hear who are regarded as mentally disturbed are real voices of another person/s in the Spirit form.
What the Spirit’s intentions are is the key thing of importance, as it is with anyone.
Many dark Spirits want to have power over others (just as they did in their Earth life) by tormenting them, pulling them down, blackmailing them, threatening them with violence, and many other dark methods.
The current system of Mental Health actually supports this method of torment by being ignorant or dismissive of the existence of the real tormentor.
The person being tormented by the Spirit is told that they are making it up and something is wrong with them.

The Mental Health system unknowingly gives the tormentor a green light to continue attacking the person who is suffering. The system says that bullying is not really happening and that the victim has the problem.  

This ignorance and lack of education of the “big picture of life”, provides the Spirit with a cloak of invisibility which allows it to believe that it can get away with anything, and does.

Note: It needs to be included here, that there is a very large amount of incredibly Loving spirits who can communicate too.  They are gentle and seemingly quieter in nature and respectful of a person’s free-will and never tell or direct a person what they should do. This compares with darker spirits that are pushy, demanding, or threatening, often telling a person what to do.


In a world that doesn’t honour God’s version of Love, and lacks honouring the allowance of emotional expression as it happens (particularly what are considered painful emotions), we have become quite disconnected to the emotional sensitivity of ourselves and others.
Ironically as a consequence of shutting off to painful emotions, this also causes the whole emotional sensory apparatus to numb down which includes numbing of the pleasurable emotions too. 
Without the emotions being allowed to flow as they are naturally designed to do, the result is an increasing storage of sadness within us.
As this sadness builds up and we are not willing to let it just flow out, we often turn to external things to distract us from our sadness to “make us feel (fake) happy”.

Common methods that are used to provide perceived pleasurable experiences can be:
– alcohol
– drugs (prescriptive & illegal)
– sex
– gambling
– smoking
– coffee
– co-dependant relationships
– gaming
– food
– entertainment
– music
– shopping
– social media
This also includes (non-material) emotional methods to GET/GIVE a multitude of feelings from/to others that we/they are:
– good
– have worth
– are intelligent
– important
– special
– liked
– lovable
– wanted
– needed
– attractive etc.
These types of methods, both physical and emotional are referred to as Addictions. All which stem from an emotional choice to not want to experience sadness and pain within ourselves.

For more detailed information on Addictions visit here: (1)
The Human Soul – Expectations & Addictions – Part 1
The Human Soul – Expectations & Addictions – Part 2

Because these methods will never fix the sadness, we never find satisfaction. We end up looking for more, new, or stronger methods to help us avoid the internal, blocked pain and sadness. 

In the Spirit World, there are none of those methods available!
The Spirit World locations are designed to expose and connect with the real issues in one’s self in relation to Love & Truth, therefore enabling change and progress, thus sustained happiness.

During our lives on Earth, we very rarely choose to notice what our “methods” are that help us to avoid our emotional self. This desire to become unaware of our true feelings is at the very heart of the Mental Health problem and consequently is the catalyst for spirit influence.


We are all open to influence.
We now even have people who claim their paid work is “an influencer”.
Influence can be either positive/truthful/loving influence (which will be a benefit to our personal growth and happiness).
Or negative/deceitful/unloving influence (which will be detrimental to our personal growth and happiness).
We have the ability to influence others and others have the ability to influence us.
We are bombarded by influence around us every day.

Our personal emotional condition will determine what we are influenced by.
When we are afraid to feel difficult or painful emotions, they remain stuck inside of us. This baggage of pain that we carry around is the way that we are the most easily influenced in a negative way.
Unexpressed/stored FEAR, is the primary emotion that is extensively used to control and manipulate people.

For Example:
The Advertising and Marketing industry is geared to identify people’s emotional injuries (e.g. sadness, fears, insecurities) and devises methods of how to exploit those injuries for financial gain.
Such as telling you how much you need their product to make yourself feel good, wanted, attractive, liked, important, a real man, a real woman, connected to others, free, protected, successful, popular, cool, young, safe, etc.

The Industry is exploiting feelings of dormant sadness inside of a person rather than helping them in an effective, sustainable way.

When we make the CHOICE that we can’t/don’t want to feel our own feelings, it also shuts down our ability accurately feel other people’s feelings/intentions towards us and how we may be influenced.

We have become so used to being manipulated and manipulating others to get what we want, we are barely aware of it going on, because it feels like “the normal way of life”.
Therefore, we are often completely unaware of spirit influence, both positive or negative.

If we find it’s difficult to feel the intention of people that we CAN see, then it adds another level of complexity to contemplate that there is also an influence going on around us with the ones that we CAN’T see….meaning spirit influence.
This is where there becomes a mental confusion/disturbance when Spirit influence IS actually happening.

Spirits can easily see these unhealed pains (emotional injuries/holes) in our spirit body, which makes it quite easy for them to know what specific issues exist within a person that they can use to manipulate; if they are that way inclined.

Therefore, this CHOICE to avoid our pain leaves us in a dangerous position to be manipulated by.
The bottom line here is that there IS a CHOICE going on by us that we DO make, that we are responsible for.

That puts us in a potentially powerful position to be the master of our own life; all depends on the direction of our choices.

(1) Divine Truth

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