MENTAL ILLNESS – An alternative view, (Part 4)

In Part Three, we learned that:

  • We have the solution to Mental/Emotional Illness existing dormant inside of ourselves
  • Avoidance of our emotional self, can lead to Mental/Emotional Illness
  • God’s method to release of pain works; man’s method simply lives with it and manages the pain.


The voices!
A person who hears voices — referred to as auditory hallucinations — is RARELY likely to tell anyone that this is occurring, due to the stigma of being labelled by society as crazy/insane, thus being institutionalized.
The person knows that the voices are very real, but no one else (in the medical profession) can verify it.
The voices ARE real!
They belong to a Spirit, who is simply a person who now exists in a spirit body. The Spirit constantly torments the person on Earth, trying to get power over them.
A person with developed mediumistic abilities, who also has some development in Love, could verify the existence of the Spirit and be able to converse with that Spirit.
The Medium could then discover the emotional opening within the person that allows the attraction of the Spirit.
This gives the tormented person information on a specific emotion/s that they have been unwilling to feel, which is the CAUSE of the attraction.

Schizophrenia, for example is considered a complex brain disorder, and the exact cause is not yet known.
It is known that the sufferer of this illness does not have split personalities and they are not intellectually disabled.
Schizophrenia is treated with antipsychotic medication that treats the psychotic symptoms but does not cure the disease.
Enormous amounts of funding currently go into brain research in an attempt to find the cause of the disorder.
However, this is only observing the EFFECTS and not addressing the CAUSE.

The cause is not detectable by a microscope or CT or MRI scanning, because the cause is not of the physical realm.
Opening up an investigation into Spirit influence upon the person will illuminate the true cause of the behaviour observed in the person.
Further investigation into how the Spirit has attached itself to the person will be the next step towards the release of the Spirit from the person.

Often a Spirit has completely over-cloaked the person, and conversations initially are with the Spirit as a separate identity, not the person who is suffering from Schizophrenia.
Work will need to be done on two fronts:

1/ With the Spirit, to educate the Spirit about the truth of what they are doing and who they are as an individual identity and that they’re interfering with another person’s body and interfering in their life.
2/ With the person, to discover the emotional blockage that CAUSES the point of connection with the offending Spirit.
Trying to remove the Spirit alone, only removes the EFFECTS.
If the issue within the person is not addressed, and the initial Spirit is removed, another Spirit will step in and take its place.

Sometimes the Spirit is completely unaware of what is going on just as much as the person suffering from Schizophrenia.
And other times, the Spirit is completely aware of what is going on and abusing the situation for its amusement or selfish needs.

Research undertaken into genetics does have its merits.
However, the focus needs to shift from physical genetics to emotional genetics.
The aim is to discover, what specific erroneous emotional beliefs, get passed down from one generation to another who suffer from mental illnesses; finding the common thread.

For instance, openness to mediumistic abilities may genetically run through a family line.
Sometimes in the generations, one generation may have tried to ignore these abilities due to their fear, shame or ostracization for having the abilities, and not informed the next generation about it.
Some future generations may possess the abilities passed down, unknowingly.
They may hear voices but have no idea what they are about.
They also have the same emotions passed down about their abilities — fear, shame, isolated from society if anyone ever knew about what they were experiencing.
In this case, all they need is truthful education about their abilities to help them understand what is going on and that they are normal, and some may say gifted.
They have the truth about what is occurring.
They can separate the Sprit’s voice from their internal voice, move forward about how they feel about the abilities that they have, and learn how to turn them off — for want of a better description.

A further example of this:
I once had a partner who was mediumistic. She understood what was going on, yet never really did anything with the gift.
She use to have spirits wanting to talk to her all of the time and said it was quite “noisy”.
As we got to know each other during the relationship, I suspected she had been sexually abused. This turned out to be true.
She was open and emotional about the incident. Over about a 6-month period she was working on the issue. Eventually, she went through the terror of the event.
After she had emotionally released the frozen terror that had been within her since childhood, she was freer emotionally and intimately.
Not only had the removal of the terror of the event been released, but she also mentioned that it was really quiet, in regards to Spirit voices now.
She had made a Loving decision to deal with her terror. No one else can make that choice, but yourself!
It is Love that does the healing.
More control over the mediumship abilities, the enjoyment of intimacy, and real emotional relationships with others were just some of the gifts that the choice of Love bought in this example.
We also used the mediumship gift to talk to Spirits who needed help in the Spirit World location, as a gift to them.

Dissociative Identity Disorder, which was previously referred to as Multiple Personality Disorder also quite plainly involves Spirit interference.
The title Multiple Personality Disorder is a very accurate description of what is going on.
The condition typically involves the coexistence of two or more personality states within the same person at any one point in time.
The person with this disorder also has dissociative amnesia. This is unsurprising since that communication (when the Spirit steps in) comes from another personality/identity — not the sufferer. The sufferer can’t remember what was said, because the Spirit controlling the body at the time said it through the person. 
This can be quite distressing for the sufferer.
A Spiritual Law dictates that only one entity can be in control of the body at any one time. This means yourself or someone else.
Preferable yourself. That’s who the body and its expression are supposed to be for.

The multiple Spirits (who have different personalities) that over-cloak the sufferer, can often fight for the use of the body to get their expression out.
Or, different Spirits come only as they have the energy available to be able to over-cloak the person.
Or, the Spirits are around the sufferer, and when specific situations come up for the sufferer that they choose to vacate from emotionally, the Spirit steps in.

With this disorder, a separate person with developed mediumistic abilities who is also developed in Love can assist and talk with the person and the Spirits involved to discover the emotional connection in the person that causes the attraction. 
Once the specific emotional issue is emotionally worked through to completion, the attraction can no longer occur.

Bipolar Affective Disorder, which was previously referred to as Manic Depression, once again involves Spirit influence.
The condition typically involves experiences of extreme elation (mania) to extreme lows (depression).
The exact cause of the condition according to the medical profession is yet unknown.

When a person enters the manic state, the person is energised by the energy given to them by a Spirit who also partakes in the feelings from the activities while in this manic state.
This manic state can go on sometimes for days without sleep, which completely exhausts the person who is being used by the Spirit.

While the physical body needs rest, a person in the Spirit body form (the Spirit) doesn’t require rest in the same way. As the Spirit uses the person in the manic state, it can push them to this state of exhaustion.
The Spirit then detaches from the person, either when the Spirit runs out of energy needed to maintain a connection with the person, or when the person can no longer maintain the pace of the mania and runs out of energy and needs to sleep.

The Depression state is considered to occur after the Manic state.
I would suspect that this Depression state also exists before the Manic state; a cyclical situation.

It is in this Depression state that the person has an opportunity to connect with their deep feelings of sadness. This Depression state (being a result of a choice to suppress emotions) leaves the door open to the Spirit interference that onsets the Mania state.
In this extremely low state, it could be enticing to want something the opposite. A spirit will supply the euphoric state, but at a cost to the person’s physical, emotional and mental health, with a continuity of the cycle.

With the above-mentioned Mental Illnesses, there are observed degrees of interference that affect the sufferers. The degree relates to the level of connection the Spirit can establish with the person.


Many other issues that are perceived as not well understood but not strictly considered Mental Illnesses, are also the result of interference from mischievous Spirits.

For instance, Tourette’s Syndrome which is considered a neurological disorder (as most mental illnesses are considered in this way), is — “characterised by rapid, repetitive and involuntary muscle movements and vocalisations called tics, and often involves behavioural difficulties”, — according to Tourette’s Syndrome Association of Australia Inc.

The description of involuntary, suggests that the person is not in control of the muscle movements or behaviours, which raises the question of — who IS in control — because the person IS still being animated?
However, not of their own expression.

With the vocalisations, a person involuntarily blurts out remarks that are not of their choosing, because the remarks belong to the Spirits choosing. This can cause reduced quality of life for the sufferer due to often avoiding social scenes if it is severe.
Tourette’s is due to Spirit interference upon a person with the Spirit’s intention to get a laugh by getting the person in trouble in certain situations. Essentially wanting to get a feeling of power over the person.
An emotional opening exists within the person that allows the Spirit to connect in those situations.
For the sufferer of Tourette’s, they would need to examine their own emotional experiences just prior to the outbursts to discover what feeling just came up for them that they were trying to avoid, which allows the Spirit to step in.

Transgender is another example.
This is commonly described as an individual whose biological sex is different from the gender with which they identify.
A common way that this is expressed, is the belief that they are — “born in the wrong body.”

With the Transgender issue, there is a Spirit who is of the opposite gender who impresses their own feelings upon the person, hence the person who is affected by the Spirit interference believes that they are — ”in the wrong body.”
The person believes that it is their own feelings they are experiencing however; it is the feeling that the Spirit is projecting at them. With this mental/emotional confusion, the person feels quite distraught and that there is, “something inherently wrong going on with them.”
The person is open to this influence often due to their parent’s emotional beliefs (not intellectual) regarding gender, gender roles, gender beliefs, and unresolved anger in regards to gender issues, which allows an opening for the Spirit to connect/attack the child/teenager/adult.

(The World for millennia, has accepted Intergender inequality, intergender specific roles, which results in intergender anger. This un-resolved intergender anger causes significant issues on the Earth that allows for spirit influence in this example and a range of other popular gender disorders.) 

Additional societal influences are also at play.

With previous generations of children who are now parents, there was a degree of suppression of emotional expression whilst growing up. A more,” be seen and not heard” attitude that existed with more strict rules and boundaries that felt overbearing and unfair.
Those children have grown up and are now parents and have not felt the anger of all the rules that prevented more freedom of expression. 
As a consequence, the current generations of parents feel that to be a good parent, means allowing of all expression by their children, without correction of truth and love in that expression.
However, this comes with a lack of loving boundaries to guide and protect the child.
Also, it comes with a lack of education for the child to discover the truth on specific issues, which in turn, leaves the issues up to the child. This is far from responsible parenting.
This is not how God parents us.

This method of parenting, is born of a feeling (an addiction) in the parents to want to be seen as “a good parent” or as “a best friend” to the child rather than a teacher of Love and Truth for the child’s growth and development.
This choice is because the parent/s haven’t dealt with the unfairness and pain of how they were treated by their parents when they were a child.

While the expression is not the issue, the most important issue is how to discover the actual Truth about issues to provide loving guidance and clarity. This part is missing.
God’s Truth – is the Ultimate Truth, seeing as God designed everything in the Universe. This is where it is important to develop a personal relationship with God in order to be educated on the Truth of issues.
God is a personal God – not a God of religions.

You will notice that the persons who suffer the most from this Gender interference, are at an age where they are developing physically and sexually in their body and are quite body-centric.
This developmental stage is the optimum time of a person’s life for a Spirit to cause distress, which is what the Spirit’s intentions are.
The Spirit’s intention is also to have power over people by laughing at the stress they can cause to the sufferer and the parents. The attraction is enabled by gender-based anger feelings within the parents, who will often be in denial of this, thus blaming the child for the issue.
Children learn the feelings toward the opposite gender from their parents, and the problem repeats.
Anger between the genders is a large problem on earth as can be demonstrated by the popular rise in gender anger disorders.
Spirits can see that no one wants to address the gender issues with each other or within themselves, (therefore love and truth can afford no protection) so it is an easy issue to manipulate.

The sad thing about this Transgender issue is that the Spirit’s can be so forceful, that the sufferer feels that that have to alter their body to the whim of the Spirit, from taking hormone replacement drugs, to enduring serious surgical procedures.
Sad, because when the Spirit eventually detaches from the person, and the person will be able to feel their own feelings and not the Spirits, and the sufferer will have done a lot of damage to themselves, some which will be irreparable.

Another cause of this distress for those in the Earthly body is the erroneous belief in reincarnation.
A Spirit who has passed with this belief often tries to get into a newborn, a child or an adolescent’s body believing this is how to reincarnate, which is not true.
Reincarnation is not a necessary avenue to growth/enlightenment/progression in the Spirit World or Earth.
The Spirit that is trying to take possession of the person and that is an opposite gender, will be constantly projecting feelings that — “they are in the wrong body.”
The person will be expressing the feelings of the Spirit; — “I should be a boy…or I should be a girl.”

The parents’ emotional beliefs will either protect a child or leave them open to influence that can seriously harm them.
Learning to parent as God parents us, and learning to love as God loves us, results in the greatest protection and genuine happiness.
If you would like a real-life example of how that can be achieved, here is a work in progress:
20210302 – Introduction to The Parent & Family Resource

Flat Earth is another recently popular influence upon specific groups of people by Spirits for a laugh, to make the people who profess the Flat Earth theory, to look stupid.
The people that they target are often quite intellectually bright people, who are open to Spirit influence, and listen to that influence to “get” the feeling of being “in the know.”
The addiction here — the emotional transaction between Spirit and person — allows the person to be a puppet of ridicule as entertainment for Spirits.


Ironically, the Courts of Law have a law that allows a claim of Temporary Insanity.
Yet, there is no clear and truthful understanding within that system of how Temporary Insanity is brought into operation for the person; — which is essentially spirit influence in the moment of the crime.
Additionally, without a clear and truthful understanding of how the Temporary Insanity occurs, there is no way to treat it if you don’t know its cause.

This is similar to the lack of understanding when people are institutionalised in Mental Institutions — judgements are being made on people’s lives without a full understanding of what is going on for these people, or how to treat it.

If there is no truthful understanding of what is going on, the CAUSE can never be addressed, and therefore the solution can never be arrived at. Everything else is just fumbling in the dark.

Gaining further truthful understanding & education beyond the mere physical realm, physical body, and physical medication will expose the reason for the EFFECTS of many Mental Illness (Emotional Illness) problems.
The existence of interference by Spirits influence upon a person’s life is quite evident when it is investigated.

When Earth becomes educated about outside influence on their lives, progress can be made to understand what is going on and how to fix things, and then the quality of life can improve naturally.

You can’t successfully fix something if you don’t understand how it works.

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